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What are some good (quality!) songs about France?

Asked by jjd2006 (746points) August 26th, 2008

I’m making a mix for a friend who’s going to France for a year, and I need a few more songs to complete the France themed CD. Specifically, she’s going to Strasbourg so any songs about that would be even better! Any come to mind?

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Contemporary, classical, old familiar folk songs? I have lots of old records and ideas.
France is a small country. Everyone sings the same songs, more or less.

Strasbourg is charming, small and reeking of history. Gorgeous architecture.

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Daft Punk (iTs link) is a really good French techno/house group. There may be no accordions in the music, but it is certainly one of my favorite groups.

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Can’t go wrong with La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf, la petite oiuseau.

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Aux Champs Elysees by Joe Dassin. It’s a classic

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Douce France (Charles Trenet) brings a tear to many a French eye

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‘j’taime’ by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin (lots of Serge’s songs would work),
‘April in Paris’ by Billie Holiday or Julie London,
‘Tour De France’ by Kraftwerk,
‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’ by Plastic Bertrand (He’s Belgian but the Lyrics are French),
‘St Tropez’ by Brigitte Bardot (The theme to the TV programme ‘Eurotrash’).

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Sound-bytes of the end of History of the World pt.1?

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Santiano by Hughes Aufrey

Actually, she’s going to get all French-music-ed out after a bit. You may want to send her a CD of some US/British music in about 6 months.

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+1 for Daft Punk

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It’s not solely about France, but your friend might enjoy this beauty from Jonathan Coulton

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Well, who said France is a “small” country? What is big? Compare to what? Let’s be serious would you? Now I’ve made this point I would like to answer very well to your question but what we don’t know here is what is “good quality” for you… Which kind of songs?? Is your friend young, middle aged? As I’m French I will try to give you some, here we go:

# Serge GAINSBOURG { Ballade de Melody Nelson – Initials BB – Hey man amen – Bonnie and Clyde – Gloomy sunday – Les dessous chics – Je t’aime moi non plus – ...}

# Stephane POMPOUGNAC { Rouge rouge, l’amour – Les Champs Elysées}

# AIR { Sexy boy – You make } French electro

# April March { Laisse tomber les filles }

# Bob SINCLAR { I feel for you – Bisou sucré – Kiss my eyes}

# Brigitte FONTAINE (a crazy old woman, very talented) { Ah que la vie est belle – L’Ile}

# Charles Aznavour { Désormais}

# DAFT PUNK { One more time – Around the world – Harder better faster stronger – ...}

# Dimtri From Paris { Un woman’s paradis – La rythme et la cadence}

# Emilie SIMON { Fleur de saison – Dame de lotus – Alicia…}

# Etienne de Crecy { Relax – Tempovision – Someone like you}

# Gotan Project {La revancha del tango}

# I Monster { Neveroddoreven (album)}

# Jane Birkin { Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais – Fuir le bohneur de peur qu’il ne se sauve – ...}

# Jean Michel JARRE { Equinoxe – Oxygene – Last rendez-vous }

# Joey Starr { J’arrive – Bad boy – Pose ton gun – Carnival}


# Les Rita Mitsoukou { Diang dang dong – Marcia baila}

# Manu Chao { Je ne t’aime plus – La Radiolina}

# Trisomie 21 {Right to reply – Bamboo1 – Il se noie }

# ZAZIE { J’aime j’aime pas – Toc toc toc – Lola Majeure – Je suis un homme – Des rails – La vie en rose}

# SAEZ {Sexe}

>>This is only about 10% of the French music/band “scenery”..., of course we have also Gilbert Becaud, Edith Piaf, Yves Montand, Jacques Brel etc. who are the most “famous” ones; but here I tried to give you a large scale of the “new” French scene. Without knowing what exactly you want; but, hey! At least I tried! ; )

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Wow, thank you everyone! Very helpful!

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I would add, if you are not looking for the contemporary scene, Yvette Guilbert, Georges Brassens, Patachou, and Juliette Greco.
And I would enthusiastically second all the songs of Piaf, Montand, Brel (who sings in both French and Flemish). Google “Chansons Populaires de France” and a myriad of choices come up.”

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Edith Piaf, of course, and Charles Trenet.

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And Mistinguette, if you really want to be old school.

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The Champs-Elysees song by Joe Dassin, and La Vie en Rose.

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