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What’s the difference between a polka dot and a circle?

Asked by raum (7264points) July 12th, 2019 from iPhone

Is it just the size? Is a polka dot just a small circle?

But you could have a polka-dotted planet though, right? That’d be a pretty big polka dot.

Or is it determined by the company that it keeps? Do polka dots have to hang out with other polka dots to exist?

Can a polka dot exist by itself? Or is it then just a dot or a small circle?

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Does a polka dot do the polka? Or the holka-polka? And how do you tell if it has turned itself about? Does a polka dot even have limbs to put in and out?

You have set me up for a day of pondering.

Thank you.

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Since polka dots is the name of a pattern, one polka dot couldn’t exist on it’s own. It’s like calling one tree a forest.

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It’s an itsy bitsy teenie weenie filled circle.

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Polka dots are coloured.

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A circle ⭕️ is a round boundary with nothing in the interior. A Polka Dot is a circle ⭕️ That is filled in.

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There is a town near me called Poca. Their mascot is a dot. They are the Poca Dots.

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A circle is not filled in. It’s also not on an itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow bikini.

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A dot is a solid round spot with one side (the outside).
A circle has two sides and is a line that curves equally around, is perfectly round, and the line that creates it has no beginning and no end.

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The difference betweem Pie and Pi.
Like…Pi and NotPi.

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@nerdgirl578 That’s what I was pondering. Except in this case, the tree and the forest are called the same thing.

Polka dot refers to the pattern. But each individual dot within the pattern is also called a polka dot.

But if you take away its friends, it’s no longer a polka dot by itself. It loses its identity.

I feel for the little polka dot. It’s pretty fucked up for your self identity to depend on others.


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@raum I never heard anyone referring to a single polka dot though. Either way, maybe they don’t identify as polka dots anyway and want to be called filled circles?

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It’s seriously politically incorrect whatever.

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“Polka dot” is a pattern of dots, not just a single dot.

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Postulate: Filled in circles become polka dots when they have at least two equally spaced/arranged friends (each equally distant to both of the other two) of the same size and color.

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“As nouns the difference between circle and dot is that circle is (lb) a two-dimensional geometric figure, a line, consisting of the set of all those points in a plane that are equally distant from another point while dot is a small spot or dot can be (us|louisiana) a dowry.
As verbs the difference between circle and dot is that circle is to travel around along a curved path while dot is to cover with small spots (of some liquid).

As a preposition dot is dot product of the previous vector and the following vector.”

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Haha…I think if you want to get technical about it, it’s a disk and not a dot.

Disks can be colored as well?

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