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Where is the article about the look of some women that Robert Foster might be referring to?

Asked by flo (12907points) July 12th, 2019

Is it here? Did he say there is a look (clothing and makeup) that makes it appear that the reporter photographer, etc. is there for more than just the job? And that he wants to avoid any false accusation, and that he wants his wife or to be present as much as possible.

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I haven’t read anything about a look, unless it’s the ‘look’ of impropriety of being alone with a female other than his wife for an extended period of time with no witnesses.

Again, it’s a rather typical southern response, even non-religious guys are like that here. There are a lot of things like that, that you all may never understand, but that doesn’t make it less real to us. It’s a form of courtesy and polite manners, not putting anyone in an uncomfortable position they may need to explain. Like the article states, even the open door policy is well known, like when you meet with your pastor, his secretary is right there.

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@KNOWITALL I thought I heard about clothing and makeup. Maybe it’s as well as what you referred to.

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