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What happened to, “...boys like a little more booty to hold at night”?

Asked by gondwanalon (20480points) July 21st, 2019

Went on a long road trip recently. Spent time listening to the radio. Noticed that they changed the lyrics to that hit song “All About That Bass”.

They switched “boys likes little more booty to hold at night” to “boys like the girls for the beauty they hold inside”.

Why the change?

Is the word “booty” off limits nowadays?

Anyway, I think the change messes up a great song. Sad.

What do you think?

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I imagine that it is insulting to women everywhere to know that while “boys like a little more booty at night” and that is all, minus a true committing relationship.

Game players are what image comes up with those limericks.
Not conducive to a real relationship with values and commitment to the partner.

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Probably without the booty lyrics, the song is eligible to be played on more stations.

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That is the Radio Disney edit.

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Lol, on a related note I heard back in the 80’s the record company or MTV managed to make Guns’ n Roses to change that line in Paradice City from “where the grass is free” to “grass is green”...

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Theres just a radio edit version thats more PC, most want to do then to get more air play.

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Nothing disturbing yet imo of tweaking a song in such a way that it presents two differing points of view…both of which are quite interesting.

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@KNOWITALL It’s all about the money! Right on! Of course! HA!

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@gondwanalon I see the reason for changing it on the radio (although, really??) but I agree with you that the original version has more punch.

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The original lyrics may apply to some boys but not all, so they weren’t accurate.
I’d bet the Oingo Boingo song “I Love Little Girls” would be changed to “I Love Pretty Girls” now days.

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Radio edits and “clean” edits are pretty common, even among “dirty” songs where the original meaning is still obvious but not as plainly stated.

I am against edits that totally change the meaning or context.

And stupid edits, like “break your glass” for “Kiss my ass” sort of thing.

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@Yellowdog I agree. I don’t care if the the original lyrics are stupid or offensive, I’d rather take an honest jerk before someone who changed their lyrics for commercial reasons any day. Especially since, like you said (and which was the case in my example), the original meaning is still often obvious anyway.

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In 1979, The Knack did a very racy song that was for weeks in the Top 40 charts, “Good Girls Don’t but I Do.” It was a great song, and was kind of a horny teenage boy’s fantasy sort of song. Everything in it was pretty plainspoken.

But once I got connected to the internet, I learned there were somewhat dirtier lyrics to the song that probably would NOT have been on any radio playlists, probably not even today. I kind of like the clean version and I guess they made the right decision, as most of us would have never been exposed to the song otherwise.

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Both are true
It’s the Western Madonna/whore conundrum

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Reminds me of the Need For Speed games, where they muted all the swear words in the songs they used.

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