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Can I please just thank my fellow jellies?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (17120points) July 22nd, 2019

Everyone gave me great advice, on my recent thread, about the guy who is messing with me.

I needed help. I was in a dark place. It means the world, to me, that everyone seemed to care about me.

I don’t know lots of people who would take the time to offer me good advice.


I don’t feel so alone, now.

You all seem to have good hearts, and I needed you all. And you came through.

I may owe you all my life, and you leveled me out.

Peace n love… Tears in my eyes…

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Glad you are walking toward the light :)


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Hugs right back at you Mimi..Thanks for caring.

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All the best to you. Take care and always try to be calm and level-heafed. I an sure you don’t need more stress in your life.

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I am glad to here you are okay now ((BEAR HUG)).

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Well, you are most welcome. Glad things worked out.

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You are a good dude and we all have our shitty moments. It was good to see you get support here.

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So many hugs, and positive thoughts are flying through cyberspace towards you Grimmy : ))))))))))))))))))))

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Hang in there, friend. When it hurts you let us know, so that we can be here again if and when needed.

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Peace be with you. <3

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