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Would your favorite TV characters be Trump supporters?

Asked by elbanditoroso (26116points) 1 month ago

Archie Bunker – for sure
Seinfeld – probably not
Charlie Sheen – probably
Dharma and Greg – probably not
Andy Griffith – hard to tell
Joe Friday (Dragnet TV show) – for sure
Jed Clampett – probably

Help me add to the list -

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Watching them, just depresses me. I thought our country had come further….

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Picard: “Get off my Bridge!”
Worf: Challenges him to a death match, slices him to pieces.
Data: “I think you should be destroyed. No redeeming qualities.”
Sisko: Punches him in the face.
Teal’c: “In my culture, I would be well within my rights to dismember you.”

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The Howells from Gilligan’s Island. – yes

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Peter Griffin – yes.
Members of S.H.I.E.L.D. – yes.
SGT. Shultz – yes
Bugs Bunny – no
Yosemite Sam – yes
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas – heck, yes.

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“Members of S.H.I.E.L.D.”
The HYDRA infiltrated one, yes.

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Roseanne – most definitely

I think Andy Griffith would have voted for him; but, I don’t think the support would have been ongoing!!!

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Nobody from “The West Wing”

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Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) -No!

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) -No!

Jethro Gibbs -No!

Dylan Reinhart -No!

Nanny Fine -No!

The Fonz -No!

Will & Grace -No!

Murphy Brown -No!

Hawkeyk Pierce -No!

Frank Burns – Yes!

The Pink Panther – No!

Fred Flintstone -Yes!

Jessica Fletcher -No!

Mr. Spock -No!

Captain Janeway -No!

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Tony Soprano? Tough call. Marge and Lisa definitely not. Ned Flanders, sadly yes. Homer and Bart, I can’t decide. Diamond Joe Quinby, an enthusiastic yes.

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I think Flanders is too pious to support Drumpf.

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I think Bart Simpson would be feelin’ the Bern!

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I can see William Shatner / Original captain Kirk – supporting Trump

Michael J Fox – no
BJ Honeycutt – No
Hot Lips Houlihan – probably yes

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@ragingloli ALL of Trump’s supporters refuse to understand the contradiction between Trump adoration and piety. Besides, Flanders is gullible AND righteous. He would believe Trump the reformed sinner. Trump merely has to claim such.

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Hawkeye Pierce — No
Bugs Bunny — No
Carol Burnett — No
Matt Murdock — No


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Buffy- Haha. No.

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Lucille Bluth – yes
Lucille 2 – no
Loose Seal – hrmm

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@stanleybmanly I believe you are incorrect in that assumption. As usual.

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Which assumption? The one about cartoon characters? It is more than an assumption to assert Trump as the opposite of piety.

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@stanley ‘All’ Trump supporters… have no idea what a broad range of people that encompasses, for one. Piety? Ha

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@elbanditoroso Are those really your favorite TV characters?

This is hard for me to fairly answer, since I still believe that only borderline-insane people would support Trump. And my own favorite TV characters tend to be neither insane nor racists for oligarchs nor arch-conservatives, etc.

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You mean like Clint, Chuck and the Duke? Heaven forfend.

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Sam Malone – yes
Diane Chambers – no
Coach – don’t know
Cliff – yes
Norm – no
Carla – no

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@Zaku But thats how Reps thought of Hillary. You still dont seem to understand that. Now in 2020 if he wins…no denying they know what they’ll get.

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@KNOWITALL Well I’d say it’s half-true that I don’t understand Reps thinking of Hillary as requiring borderline-insanity to support.

1. I didn’t support Hillary myself after seeing the way she campaigned against Sanders. And I thought that Democrats and Environmentalists who did support Hillary over Sanders were either being manipulated somehow, or weren’t paying enough attention. So I kind of get that.

2. This question is about Trump, not Hillary.

3. This question says it is about supporters of Trump, so I take that as not just people who voted for Trump rather than Hillary. I could see people voting for Trump rather than Hillary in 2016 because at that point Trump could be seen by some as a bizarre random agent that might not just be a corporate giveaway tool. And one might expect him to be a lame duck at that point, not foreseeing that the Reps would completely ally with him.

4. When Trump entered office, he immediately started doing completely pro-corporate anti-environmental xenophobic awful nonsense. So “in 2020 if he wins… no denying”? No, all I think it should take is looking at some non-Fox-News information about what he’s done, to have ample information that should have practically anyone I’d consider not-borderline-insane continue to support Trump. Of course, I admit to a European-ish fiercely environmentalist perspective, but still.

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@Zaku Here’s one man’s take:

I know plenty of well educated “decent” people who support Donald Trump.

Among them are several Ivy League grads, multiple MBAs, and Ph.Ds, college professors, multiple lawyers, including one who has argued (and won) a case before the Supreme Court, multiple M.D.s, several social workers, and many, many others. I can add small business owners, retired command grade military officers, corporate officers and a few rocket scientists- we are in Houston, the home of NASA.

Most of these folks are generous supporters of various community projects to help the poor. Some, like myself are active in service organizations like Rotary (of which I am a member) that has nearly eradicated polio after raising and spending over $500,000,000 with the help of a matching grant from the Gates Foundation. Conservatives routinely give of their time to help others. In fact, it is a well established statistical fact conservatives give substantially more to charities than liberals. Liberals, on average give less than half of what conservatives give to charities. Liberals are only generous with government money.

Margaret Thatcher wisely noted this when she observed “ The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

Most of the generous people of whom I speak are members of my parish church, in long term committed marriages, with successful, stable lives, who care about others and who live decent, productive lives.

I would guess that 80–90% of my parishioners voted for Donald Trump.

I spent 15 years in the corporate world as a banker, I went to seminary and was ordained a priest in the Anglican Church in North America, where I first served as a church planter, and now as rector of a parish .

I have been married to the same wonderful woman for four decades,. Together, we have raised two daughters.

I hold an undergraduate degree from the University of Houston, two earned masters degrees ( Master of Arts in Religion; Master of Divinity). Related to my previous career, I am a graduate of the National School of Commercial Lending at the University of Oklahoma, and the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking at S.M.U. ( MBA in Bank Management).

In 2008 I was awarded a Doctor of Divinity Degree ( Honorary).

Most of the people I know personally voted for Donald Trump. So maybe you need to expand your circle of friends.

Of course, I live in Texas, in flyover country. We are “deplorables”. You know, “ bitter people who cling to guns and religion.”

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@KNOWITALL Interesting… and somewhat horrifying to me. It seems to me he spent a lot of time saying things that online right-wing people label left-wing people doing as “virtue-signalling”. But he never got to the point of why he would support Trump, or how he could excuse any of the things I consider terrible disqualfiers for any position of power.

The closest was mentioning the idea summarized by Thatcher’s dig at socialism. Well, and that most of the people he knew voted Trump, and he lives in Texas, and is Christian (so, code for having anti-abortion and anti-gay be huge issues?).

What I perceive overall about that is it seems like alignment with broadly conservative/right-wing ideas “trumping” any objections to Trump, and an absence of caring about (since not mentioned) any of the things I care about: the environment, serving public interests over corporate interests, integrity, intelligence, honesty, benevolence, not being xenophobic nor racist, not appointing corporate pawns to head government departments who will actually sabotage them, etc.

On the other hand, I could see supporting Trump (despite his idiocies and maybe even many of his crimes) if he were doing the opposite of nearly all his actions: protecting the environment, trying to avoid the extinction and climate change crises, being a good diplomat (ok, leaving diplomacy to diplomats, since he’s a cluck), appointing non-corporate earnest qualified people to government offices, checking abusive corporate power and corruption, ending endless oil-industry-driven wars, promoting tolerance rather than fueling xenophobia and racism, etc.

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