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Is there a research about why people tend to eat anything (that they wouldn't eat elsewhere) at work?

Asked by flo (12907points) August 1st, 2019

Is there a link for that?

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Boredom but that’s just an observation, not research.

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Limited choices at work, so you’re desperate if you’re hungry. Also, because of the limited choices and being stuck at work, people get creative.

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My mom lost 12 pounds when she retired. The only difference was the candy that was ever present at work so she would eat it. She still has some chocolate every day (always has, she’s a chocoholic) but just a small piece for her fix. She doesn’t really care to eat any other candy, but she was doing it.

We eat it because it’s there. Just my opinion. Not research.

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I find that when I’m off, my eating habits are totally different then when I’m working. When I’m at work, I eat smaller amounts but more often. When I’m off, I eat less often.

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There is a radiologist who keeps Sees chocolate in his office. Once every couple of weeks I raid it.

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My husband for the first time in his life ate sandwiches almost every day when we owned the golf cart repair business. Not having an office to eat in with air conditioning and a microwave work had him eating food he wouldn’t normally eat so often.

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Ok, does it require a study. There actually is a research. I mean whether it’s work place or the supermarket samples, it’s because it’s there for free.

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When I eat food at work, it’s my own food, not free food, @flo. Only sometimes people bring food to share, like donuts. Otherwise, lunch or snacks is mine, paid for by me.

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What’s the reason to think people eat things at work that they would otherwise not eat?
Except for actual specific regional treats that people bring back from vacation, I doubt I see anyone eating something at work because it’s free.

Someone who has food-security (and other low income) issues would eat whatever they can get their hands on, wherever they can get their hands on it.

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I wouldn’t eat anything at work that I wouldn’t eat elsewhere.

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