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Why are high wattage class 4 lasers so much more expensive than lower wattage lasers?

Asked by gorillapaws (24849points) August 4th, 2019

High wattage lasers are crazy expensive (like 5-figures). I realize they have sealed gasses, and need liquid cooling systems, but fundamentally, what makes them radically more expensive than their cheaper counterparts?

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I’m guessing it’s got to do with the research and development it takes to build the more expensive laser. They need to make their money back. Also they may make less of them so they’re more expensive to build. And lastly, they charge what the market will bear.

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I cah’t speak for the rest of the system but I can explain why the electronics are so expensive.High power means high voltage and high current. The devices need to pass that current without burning up. They need to withstand high voltage without breaking down. and arcing. This means the silicon or Gallium Arsenide or whatever technology is appropriate needs to be larger. Larger is more expensive.

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