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Will "Moscow Mitch" McConnell use this injury as an excuse to resign from the Senate?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28001points) August 5th, 2019

Things aren’t going so well recently for Mitch McConnell – he’s under a lot of pressure to save the Senate from going Democrat in 2020, and then there’s the stupid-ass decision to not support laws for secure elections.

Do you think this injury link might be used as an excuse to finally resign and escape the storm that will be coming in the Senate?

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I’m really, really hoping he will.

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That ghoul? No way!

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Only in your dreams.

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Don’t we wish.

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Lord I hope so. #MoscowMitch.

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Unfortunately, it isn’t a fatal injury. Hopefully, he dies from infection, or surgery.

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No. He will use this injury to make people stop referring to him as Moscow Mitch.

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Don’t think it’ll work @filmfann. We found a sore spot and we’re gonna keep hitting it until he is gone.

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Sore spot? Nah. He’ll probably just start selling the shirt on his website. The man has no qualms with broadcasting what a loathsome piece of shit he is.

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Seems pretty upset to me!! Maybe because if it’s true he could go to jail too.

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He’s not looking for an excuse. He’s shown no signs or intentions to leave. Congressional Republicans are in a really tough spot being tied to Trump’s tail. McConnell Is essential to the accomplishment of Republican goals as the party trails in the wake of the Trump suicide mission. Goals like loading the bench with crackpots and effectively dismantling Federal agencies through the appointment of idiots to front them.

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Stop belittling poor Mitch.

His full name is Moscow Mitch McTraitor! ;-D

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Everything Mos-Cow Mitch!

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