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In your opinion do you think people anger quicker today than say 20 years ago?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18887points) August 13th, 2019

Doesn’t matter the situation, from politics to driving.
Trying to cover everything with those 2 examples.

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They sure seem more entitled and less cooperative than in the past.

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Well, most people live paycheck to paycheck, while the CEO’s of the companies they work for, take advantage of them. Oh and we have the worst healthcare system in any modern country. The American Dream is the hardest it’s ever been to achieve. It’s more like the Canadian Dream now.

So yes, damn right people are more prone to anger.

By the way, I answered this question differently, because I used 60–70 years as the metric. 20 years is too short of a time in my opinion to see any big difference.

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Yes, I was going to ask a question about whether people have noticed an increase in road rage.

When I first started driving, the horn was used more as a warning to other drivers. If people were really angry, they would lay on the horn.

Nowadays, even the shortest tap on the horn is received like a middle finger to their grandma. People carry hammers and bats in their front seat. It’s seriously nuts.

Politics is a given these days.

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I drive for a living and yes people do anger faster than ever before, truckers included.
Than and horribly distracted, people can’t seem to stay focused on anything for very long if it isn’t in text form on their smart phone.

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I would not want to be driving for a living in this day and age.

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Last week someone threw trash out of their car window. I did a light tap on my horn. As I drove by I noticed it was a kid. I figured the parents would just yell at them to cut it out and roll up their window.

Nope. I watch the kid unbuckle from their car seat. And start grabbing everything possible and throwing it out of the window. I’m assuming their parent told them to do that.

Throwing trash out your window is bad enough. But to endanger your kid to do it? Jesus. Just throw out your own trash or give me the middle finger, dude.

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Also saw this red car try to cut into a lane and made this huge truck swerve. I could see the whole truck swaying. The truck driver honked at him. And rather than just acknowledge that he almost got both of them killed, the driver of the red car unrolls his sun roof to stand up and give him the middle finger.

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Another mom in one of my Facebook groups posted about repeated instances of other cars trying to run her off the road when she wears her hijab.

Other moms commented that they now carry a bat in their front seat because they’ve all had scary incidents with road rage.

That was just from last week.
I could go on and on…

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Oh believe me I have seen things that would freeze your blood.
I would like people to know being a driver, I will do everything in my power to avoid an accident BUT leave the highway so in the end if it means leave the highway or drive through the car that is causing this I will drive through the car.

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Did I read that incorrectly? Are you saying that you would rather drive through a car (with what I presume is a very large truck) instead of leave the highway?

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Rolling a semi would really suck.

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Totally correct I won’t kill myself over some stupid person , believe me I would be bending the steering wheel standing on the brakes but I won’t leave the highway so yeah I will drive through the car before that happens.

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Oh! You meant off the road!
I thought you meant like exiting!


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I think people react more violently when angered but I’m not sure they anger any quicker.

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I don’t think so. I think anger is now shown on social media and so we witness more of it, but I think there have always been people with quick and/or hot tempers.

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It’s difficult for me to decide if people are actually less civil or I simply grow more crotchety with age. In other words, perhaps I confuse my own impatience for perceived accelerating rudeness.

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I have not seen too much driving change except for driving distracted which has forced me to give up my motorcycle hobby. Self driving cars can’t get here fast enough. By the looks of people’s cars these days they’re not struggling more, just managing money poorly. The cost of premium vehicles and the number of people driving $50k+ SUVs out there is hard for me to wrap my head around. I have a hard time listening to someone complain about student loans with one of those in their driveway.

Politics well…frankly people are behaving like children.

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Yes I think so. I blame the constant barrage of politics. We are tired, frustrated and rather sick of the bleating of our fellow man. When therapists are all saying the same thing, its a real issue.

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You’ve got a lot of nerve to ask this!

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I don’t think that they anger any quicker; however, I do think that most are looking for a reason to be pissed whether or not the reason is there!!!

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Only online. Internet balls are the biggest balls.

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