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Will you help me make a list of pet peeves?

Asked by JLeslie (57657points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Here are a few of mine:

The microwave and toaster oven “ding” when they are finished cooking. I want to be able to turn off the ding so if my husband is asleep it doesn’t wake him.

Opening the microwave is very noisy. Most microwaves just pull open, you can’t release the door quietly.

Restaurants that serve burgers and sandwiches stacked way too high.

Restaurants that put mayo or butter on burgers and sandwiches and don’t have it listed on the menu.

Ads that make it very confusing to read an online article.

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Children in public.
People eating in the cinema.
People coming into the cinema after the movie has started.

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People stopping in aisles at the grocery store to talk to each other and block the aisle with their buggy. And pretend they don’t see that other people need around them.
People that don’t have a handicap sticker parking in handicap spaces.
People that leave their buggies in the parking spot instead of putting it in the buggy rack.
Can you tell I’ve been to the store recently and had a bad day? lol

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People who assume no handicap exists because someone “looks fine” to their untrained eye. (This happens a lot to my friend who has MS and a handicap placard for parking).

People in restaurants who eavesdrop on softly spoken conversations and then castigate the person speaking because they don’t agree.

People who assume that a person’s food allergy simply doesn’t exist because it might be slightly inconvenient to someone else.

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@chyna I completely agree about people blocking the way in grocery stores. It’s super annoying! I don’t think they always realize it themselves though, I have a friend who says he’s girlfriend is like that, simply because she’s kind of focused and oblivious to the rest of the world… Even so, it’s annoying.

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Not using your turn signal (blinker) when driving. Fuck and you.

Smoking in general, but specifically when someone tosses a lit cigarette out of their car window in traffic. They should be punched in the throat.

When someone asks my advice about something and then immediately argues with me about my advice. If you don’t want my advice, don’t ask.

Not putting things back where you found them. Is it that fucking hard?

Not flushing the toilet. What is wrong with you?

Loud motorcycles (Harley’s mostly). Does the TTHHHRRAAAPPPPTTTTT noise make their dick hard or something?

When someone leaves their dog outside, all day, in all sorts of weather — just barking endlessly. They should be left outside, overnight, in a blizzard…naked.

Messy/dirty houses. Please don’t invite me over.

Helicopter parents and folks that ignore/neglect their children. Find a fucking middle ground.

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Littering (especially in forests, on beaches, etc.).
Loud mouthing.
Breeding (putting children on the world, without (seemingly) having put much thought to it (like, are we capable)).

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@JLeslie Please watch this 90 second video by Daniel Koren The Microwave .

Loud talking on cell phone
Arriving late

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People who go shopping and ignore their kids, and the kids run around as if it’s a playground.

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People who chat at the movies as if they’re in their own living room.

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People who text and drive.
Distracted driving.
People that have to be in front of you in the store just to stop one second later, taking up all the room to get back around them.
Conservatives that preach the left is all hate and racist, when that is all I hear them bitch about anybody who doesn’t see it their way.

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Noisy children in museums
Motor vehicles.

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Interesting. I have never had a restaurant but either butter or mayo on a hamburger.

@chyna I don’t think they’re pretending not to see. I think they are just so damn self absorbed, as most people seem to be today, that they honestly just don’t see you. It’s like they lost their peripheral vision.

Gotta go, but I’ll make my own list when I get back.

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^^Burger King puts mayo on their Whopper. You can order it without, but you have to remember. Lots of places put mayo on sandwiches, or add it to the grill to “toast” the buns. I just ordered a Philly cheesesteak sandwich. It’s on regular bread, so it’s not like a real Philly cheesesteak. I had to order no butter, or they butter and grill it.

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@JLeslie: I hate mayo on hamburgers and other hot sandwiches. I get mad at myself when I forget to tell them hold the mayo. I think it’s so disgusting on things like burgers.

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@jca2 I hate mayo on any sandwich cold or hot. The only exception is when it’s in chicken salad, but I need to see the chicken salad first to make sure it’s not soupy or forget it.

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Mayo goes on anything.
Pommes, sausages, fried eggs.

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@Pinguidchance When read your answer I figured Whingers was a food item commonly found at restaurants that is more palatable when smeared with mayo. .
Turns out I was correct. :-)

(We use the term “whiners” here.)

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You’re both from up North, aren’t you @JLeslie and jca2. I have never, in my life, been given a hamburger with mayo on it, unless I requested it.

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@Dutchess_III It has never happened to me in the northeast. The first time it happened was in the Midwest, and I also have come by it in the South. Not very often on burgers, it’s much more common on sandwiches. I don’t want it on either.

I especially can’t imagine it happening in NYC. Too many Jews. Jews put mustard on most sandwiches not mayo. Although something like a Reuben has Russian dressing. Italians use oil and vinegar if anything. I don’t think of Latin Americans or Asians using mayo.

I associate it with Germans and the Midwest, and the “white bread” crowd, but of course there is a little of everything and everyone everywhere. My Ecuadorian boyfriend used to order Pastrami on white with mayo at Carnegie deli in Virginia. They used to say something every time he did it. Lol.

@jca2 can answer for what it’s like now where she lives. When I’m in NY I’m not usually buying hamburgers or sandwiches.

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I bought a hamburger a few weeks ago at a local burger place. I got “deluxe” which came with lettuce, tomato and mayo. I forgot to tell them no mayo and again, was annoyed at myself for forgetting. Some places put mayo on burgers around here, some don’t.

Another pet peeve of mine, which I just thought of today, is when a restaurant screws up your order, or you request the food a certain way and they screw it up. I don’t ask for much different when I am in a restaurant, but sometimes I ask for extra something, or hold something, and when that’s screwed up, I get annoyed.

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In keeping with @jca2, I get annoyed when McDs screws up my order for an Egg McMuffin. HOW THE HELL DO YOU SCREW UP AN ORDER FOR AN EGG MCMUFFIN???

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People who cause traffic in walkways because they’re absorbed in their phone. They’re the same people who stand right in front of the doors of the train when others are trying to get on. Let me just shove on by with no regrets.

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