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In an emergency , when SHTF, how long could you eat even your favorite food before getting sick of the food?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24361points) August 17th, 2019

I see YouTube videos of people stocking up on red kidney beans and rice, and I wonder how long that they could take eating the same things for a year or more?
How long would you last before you get sick of your food?
I am looking into ordering 6 #10 cans of Granola with milk and blueberries in December, or when I have the extra money, and was wondering how long until I would get sick of it ?

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When one is hungry, a daily diet of red beans and rice can be tolerated for a long time, like years.

When one is comfy in an apartment in Alberta with lots of food choices, canned granola gets tiresome after about a week.

Seriously, why waste money on that?

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@zenvelo Ok Thanks. Just looking for food prep as a hobby and trying not to go to bed hungry any more. Trying to make the perfect food plan, cheap and delicious. I am asking for advice before I spend the money. I will take your advice and put the money in savings.

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We keep a well stocked pantry, buy on sale. I could feed three for at least a month easily. Taste wouldnt matter if SHTF.

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Hard to say. I’ve never tried eating just bratwurst for months. :)

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If it was my favorite I think I could go for 2–3 weeks. I don’t know for sure. I could go longer if it is just once a day, and other foods for other meals.

Now, if you are talking rice and beans. I think in a week I wouldn’t be able to take it any more, and I like rice and beans.

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Maybe six weeks. I make this one dish that is SO good, I have no trouble at all eating it twice a day, day after day. And it contains the four basic food groups!!

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When I was in my 20’s, all I could afford was a can a beans for lunch. I ate every fucking bean, a thousand times. I usually couldn’t even finish the bowl, because I was SO sick of the same shit. But, a can of beans, almost all beans, is usually under $1. And that was all I could afford for one, of my two meals a day. That was my lunch, for almost 9 years. Some type of canned beans. I used to cover most, with pepper, and some salt. But I pretty much had to force myself to eat as much as I could. Otherwise, I knew I’d be hungry.
White chilli beans, and giant lima beans, were most tolerable. Kidney beans. Black eyed peas. Green peas. Garbanzo beans. Black beans. Green beans. Whatever was on sale, that week. 9 fucking years straight. Beans every fucking day. I guess, I was just happy to have something for lunch. But it got old fast.
I barely eat them, in any meal anymore. I don’t even like walking down the canned vegetable aisle, in a grocery store…

I might could eat snow crab legs every day. Or crawfish, with LOTS of hot sauce.

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Does chocolate count?

Perfect food plan cheap and delicious: head to your local charity soup kitchens and see what’s on offer.

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You could just buy a few buckets of freeze dried food in a variety rather than the same stuff. They last for 25 years. A few weeks is probably enough to get past any major calamity.

When I was in my second year of geology my room mate and I lived off a couple 50lb bags of potatoes for a month or so. I don’t remember getting too sick of them.

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I might be in a unique position to answer this since I couldn’t really eat anything orally up until a few months ago. I went a good three months without eating anything at all. See here for context

In the last two months 95% of my diet is three things. Only two of them are oral. I shall introduce you to my diet. Warning, lots o’ cheese and tears.

Here is what got me through not being able to swallow. TwoCal.. Vanilla. 8 ounces/475 calories. I still have a few of these a day since my laziness is legendary.

I make a pasta thing in a casserole dish. Basically, lasagna with shells instead of flat noodles since I can’t chew and need to be able to just swallow. ½ pound beef, ½ pound mozzarella, pound of ricotta, jar of sauce, and noodles. Cooking the noodles before is for chumps. Just dump them in and let them cook in the sauce when you bake it. The pasta thing I make. Note: I am starting to get really sick of this.

Hash browns and cheese. That is before I cover it in a ungodly amount of ketchup and stir it all up. Fucking delicious. Have not tired of it at all. I eat it a few times a day. This took a bit of work to get right since I need things to slide down. At first I tried just hash browns and ketchup. I could get it down but it was difficult. Then a lightbulb went off, ADD CHEESE. My favorite cheese is Tillamook Medium Cheddar. I added that and it was much better but still kinda rough. Then I switched to the Safeway select cheddar since it is a lot greasier and slides right down. Raw inputs <—Lasts about a week

But yeah, not even close to being tired for the hash browns and cheese. I’m not sure if I ever could become tired of it. That damn delicious.

It is actually pretty weird to think about. I was at ~105 pounds when my nutritionist just ripped into me and I started eating despite the difficulty and pain. On Friday when I went to the doctor I was 120. So 15 pounds in two months. When I was at 105 I had no fat on my ass and there were big bony dimples. These were the first things to fill in. But it is odd to think that I am pretty much a walking bag of frozen hash browns and Safeway cheese. I should start tracking the weight of what I eat and figure out the percentage my body turns into mass.

Also interesting to look back on those pictures of the pasta and hash browns. I took those right when I started eating again. The portions are so small but used to fill me up. Now I am eating significantly larger portions.

Cheese on hashbrowns. Could eat it until Jesus decides to come back.

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@johnpowell I love cheese on hash browns. I prefer shredded marble cheese and shredded hash browns with melted margarine and ketchup and salt and pepper. Like a super poutine.

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At first I was using butter to make the hash browns. Then I ran out of butter and found some olive oil in the pantry and used that. I had never bought olive oil before and was unaware of the price. Turns out I was using my sisters kids olive oil and she did inform me of the price. I used a 30 dollar bottle olive oil in a few weeks. I am now using significantly cheaper olive oil.

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In my younger days, I lived on soup and cornbread for 3 months. Did I get tired of it? Yes; however, I was more tired of being hungry! When you get hungry enough, how often you ate it becomes not a consideration.

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Great question! This is thought provoking. My favorite food could not be freeze dried or made to last more than 3 or 4 days, maybe if I froze it. SHTF however, we wouldn’t have a freezer. I have a stockpile of long lasting foods (10+yrs) that I forecast I’ll get tired of eating after about 2 months or so. After that I had better start planting foods.

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Rice and beans, Not only would I get sick to death of it, that would screw up my blood and cause me problems. I’d have to resort to the laws of the jungle and go hunting.

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^You would have to hunt something with fats…

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I hope people are using this Covid experience to empty and refresh their larder.
A prepper friend of mine said he has not been grocery shopping in 5–6 weeks! He is slowly cleaning out his freezers and using up canned goods that are at least 10 years old!

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