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Does anyone have any " Did I do that?" stories to tell?

Asked by Gizzy11 (104points) 1 month ago

I would like to hear some crazy or funny stories of others lives.

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Not a story about me, but two of my friends have been best friends with each other for years. They met in college, and lived together their senior year in a house with a lot of other girls, and then after graduating lived together in an apartment. Eventually, one gets married and then they are not living together anymore.

One day I’m visiting and I’m with one of them, let’s call her Emily, and she starts telling me, “when I was living with Giovanna it used to drive me crazy that Giovanna constantly left kitchen cabinets open. I never said anything, but would constantly walk into the kitchen and have to close a cabinet.”

She continues telling me the story…”then Gio moved out and still cabinets were constantly left open.”


It was Emily along. She didn’t realize she was the one not closing cabinets until she was living by herself.

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Not really a “did I do that?” story, but more of a “what in the hell just happened?” story. I went to a friend’s house one night when I was in the navy. I had two beers over the course of a couple hours. I remember feeling tired and I left the party. I remember getting into my car and starting it…letting it warm up. And then I remember waking up in my bed. I had no recollection of putting the car in drive, driving back to the base, going past the guards at the front gate, driving to the far end of the base, parking the car, and putting myself into bed. But it all happened. I still think someone slipped me something

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I have lots of them.
You can read my book when it comes out.

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@Patty_Melt Will that book be “Scary Stories to Keep You Awake at Night”? ;-)

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Lol. A chapter or two will be pretty scary.
Some reads a bit like what comes after, “hold my beer”.
Then there’s the me and men stuff.

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I invited my family to Fluther a few years back. Fluther had an extensive time attempting to rid their world of us. We were quite disruptive to their strict behavior guidelines. So, did I do that? I do apologize.

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I believe we have all decided over the past couple of years that you are forgiven, and welcome.
I, for one, have missed your family.

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