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Do you think these Chinese are going to 'disappear' soon?

Asked by KNOWITALL (21195points) 4 weeks ago

Since many of us, as well as Chinese, learned that you will be silenced (a la Tiananmen) if you protest too much, what do you think the outcome for this new generation of protesters will be?

If you haven’t heard, this is the eleventh weekend of anti-government protests.

Waving American flags and singing the American anthem.

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I am sure as in the past many leave the country for more freedom.
Usually too much suppression results in migration to other countries.

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China faces a problem with “these Chinese” in that the people of Hong Kong believe they are still British. When the colony reverted to Chinese control, the stupefying exodus of wealth and talent shocked the mainland government which had resigned itself to the fact that long term it might be more than worth it to see those most likely to give them problems to leave (with their money and acumen). The vacuum created by those with the means to flee had repercussions beyond rendering Vancouver unaffordable for the average Canadian. Those left behind, while clearly less affluent still retained those British passports as well as those British notions on permissive governance. Chinese they may in ethnicity be, but this is a culture clash.

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They are already shipping APCs to Hong Kong.
As far as the mainlanders are concerned, they will believe that a dangerous, evil insurrection has be squashed.

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I don’t think they will be silenced a la Tiananmen but the outlook doesn’t look good for them. Hong Kong is part of China now and for China the first priority is maintaining harmony. The mass protests we see will not be allowed to continue indefinitely and the Chinese army will be sent in if that’s what it takes. I would expect mass arrests and harsh sentences but not mass shootings.

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The spilt blood of the protesters will cause a rise in sea levels.

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There definitely a potential for a large massacre. But even when thousands of videos expose China, who will do anything about it?
It’s part of China’s motivation, for their recent investment in their military. So that nobody will be willing to stop them, from their expansionist ways…

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They will disappear and we will pay for it in higher punitive (and ineffective) tariffs.

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I saw part of an on the street interview with a young man from the crowd. He was very emotional. He was asked if it would be better to convey their issues with peace or with violence. He said he preferred peace, but it didn’t look like peace would be enough.

I don’t think the citizens will back off easily.

I am wondering if our President raised tariffs so he could offer to lower them with conditions attached.

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He raised tariffs, because he doesn’t know what he’s doing…

ALL tariffs, will be passed on to the American consumers. Many businesses, and farmers, will simply go out of business. Oh well…. It will change, but not ultimately hurt the Chinese businesses…

If I were China, I’d threaten to call in all the money we owe them. Or at least stop loaning us money. Then we’ll see who has the real leverage. For now, I think they like having that ace, in the hole…

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