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What are some of your favorite underrated movies?

Asked by willbrawn (6614points) August 27th, 2008 from iPhone
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Quick Change featuring the following dialog:

Guy to the clown who is robbing a bank: What kind of clown are you?
Clown: The crying on the inside kind I guess.

What About Bob featuring this line: I’m doing the work, I’m baby stepping, I’m not a slacker”

What do you know, Bill Murray delivered both of those lines.

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Hudson Hawk I admit I may be the only person other than Bruce Willis that likes this movie

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The Fifth Element


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Hero (the one with Dustin Hoffman)

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Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken

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I dont know what it is about this movie, but i find Blue Streak funny every time i watch it. (it got a 36% on RT) I guess its because its one of my childhood movies.

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Midnight Express

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Bubba Ho-Tep

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@ TrenchantWit: “Oh, Billy!!!” The first time I saw that scene, I couldn’t help but think about Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick in “Cable Guy”.

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Also, I wanted to throw out there that Boondock Saints is pretty awesome.

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@Trenchant, Oliver Stone won an Oscar for best screenplay for Midnight Express. What a great movie.

Here are a couple more underrated movies, The Waterdance, The Commitments, Just a Kiss, The Dead Zone and Peggy Sue Got Married. Wow, that’s a lot of different genres right there!

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@Trenchant Oh man i totally forgot about how many people dont know about that movie. Easily one of the greatest comedies ive ever seen.

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Halloween III: Season of the Witch. It’s underrated because it unfortunately includes the “Halloween III” part of the title. If they called it “Season of the Witch” instead, it’d be a pretty good horror movie. It’s one of my favorites, actually.

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I’ll raise my hand and say “yay!” to Serenity and Bubba Ho-tep, and I’ll add an old favorite of mine -Hudsucker Proxy.

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Just saw “Catch Me If You Can” with my wife on network TV this evening…we saw it in the theatre, on cable, and now on network…it’s actually the one film with Leo DiCaprio that I can watch all the way through without up-chucking…

Great story, directing (Spielberg), score (John Williams), and dare I say-acting?! (btw Tom Hanks co-stars).

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Dogville. It’s such a mega-brutal movie. I also LOVE Birth. I adore the lack of script and the way that it makes you feel so uncomfortable.

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Pootie Tang. It might not quite rank alongside O Brother, Where Art Thou?, but I loved it and watched it three times. How can you not adore the scene with the cherry pie? Not to mention Biggie Shorty, a great character.

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Ok as long as Jeruba opened up the confessional….
Oh my God. So embarassing and cheesy B movie fare, but…..Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins…probably not underrated as much as my guilty little secret pleasure…reminds me when I first watched it in the 1980’s. I think it went straight to video.

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We caught the tail end of Tremors tonight on TV, and I was reminded of just how good a movie it is. It is a one-of-a-kind rollicking good time! Almost a spoof, but not quite.

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oh god I forgot the name of the movie but it features Dakota Fanning filmed in Hong Kong about a bunch of people with special powers and they were hunted by this bunch gov people it’s kinda cool

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Tremors! Tremors!! It’s a movie about Giant Sand Worms And no it wasn’t a spoof and that was actually what was so comical about it.
It made that big so’bitch in “Dune” seem like an Oscar Winner in comparison.
Not to mention it had Fred Ward who of course in the dictionary is pictured next to B movie as the defining actor of the genre.

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