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I woke up with dry blood on my fingers, why could this be?

Asked by intothevoid (15points) 3 weeks ago

I woke up this morning with dry blood on my fingers. I remember half asleep, I wiped drool from my mouth and went back to sleep. I wake up often with wet stuff on my neck and back every morning, it isn’t sweat, rather drool? I don’t understand why there was blood on my fingers though, I have no cuts or anything. No bleeding acne or visible signs pointing to what could have caused this. Inside of my throat has no blood… but I have thought I have had an infection or something for awhile now, because inside my throat is red and one of my tonsils look weird, squiggly and big while the other is smaller and normal looking. I doubt it was from my nose, as I have never bled from it>> What could be the cause of the unexplained blood on my fingers??

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Dry, bleeding cuticles?
Did you maybe scratch an itchy mosquito bite somewhere on your body in your sleep?

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search online about the phenomenon known as Stigmata.

The term used to be applied to people who died for a divine cause, who supernaturally received or were marked with the wounds of Christ after they died. But the term also refers to blood appearing for a variety of reasons not caused by wounds but some spiritual or paranormal phenomenon.

I want to reiterate to all the dummies that I know these things don’t happen naturally or rationally, and there is no rational reason to believe it. But if it happens to you, your only options are to (1) accept that you are crazy; or, (2) accept that some paranormal things DO in fact occur even though there is currently no way to understand how or why.

I once knew a guy who could pull splinters of wood out of some painful cists on his hand that were too big to even fit in his hands. This wasn’t a magic “parlor” trick and he attributed it to some spiritual, demonic activity he once engaged in. When I asked a Christian doctor about this, the doctor suggested mental illness. I told him that I had seen the phenomenon myself and he had no further comment. So, weird things do occur, even though there is no way they are natural or explainable.

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I think the Christian doctor may have been right about the mental illness.

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But when it happens to you, what then?

You really can’t tell if what others say are fabrications are not. But I’ve seen enough to know that weird stuff sometimes happens that technically cannot happen, or there’s no plausible explanation for. Usually its kind of random and seemingly meaningless.

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You might be a vampire when…

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I woke up one morning (after a night of HEAVY drinking,) with a blood soaked sock. Somehow, I managed to shatter the nail, on my big toe. I still don’t remember how…

Any chance some sort of drinking, or drugs were involved?

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Did you floss before bed? Maybe you have a slightly cut gum or need to floss more. The other possibility is maybe you were visited by a Vampire.


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We can guess until the cows come home. I will share that my only experience with it was when my ear bled. To this day I am not sure why, but choose to accept that I scratched it in my sleep.

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Sounds feasible.

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