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Sometimes I feel weird, like I feel like I am somewhere else?? Why?

Asked by intothevoid (15points) 1 month ago

Sometimes I feel like I’m not really in a certain place or feel like a different situation is happening. People have suggested depersonalization, but from what I have heard, none of it matches up with what I feel. Sometimes I will zone out and forget where I am, it will feel like I am walking in a memory. Its hard to explain honestly, but it causes me to forget obvious things, things I should know. A couple times I have walked into school and didn’t know where to go even though I have been there for more than a year and always went to classes. I forgot what rooms to go to, who my teachers were, my locker combination.. even though just yesterday I would know. In middle school a teacher approached me and asked me where I was suppose to be, I just looked up in confusion and said “I don’t know”. She looked more confused than I was, and asked how I couldn’t remember my classes and if I were new. I lied and said yes because I didn’t want to be embarrassed. One time, while at a popular festival with hundreds of people walking around, I got lost. I started walking around with MANY people while fireworks went off, and I didn’t feel like I was in the situation I actually was. I felt like I was at a party in 2010 even though it was 2017 and I wasn’t at a party. I could come up with many different scenarios to describe what and where it felt like I was, but none that realistically relates to the situation. This is something different but I only have one question left and I want to ask. Sometimes I will be having a conversation, when I get this weird sensation in my brain. It feels like a tiny vibration, I can still talk and process things, but I feel weird. After its over, I feel a wave of relaxation over my brain and a calm feeling through my body. I will still be able to talk and do things but I feel tired and fatigued. But calm and over relaxed at the same time. An ideas of why this happens? Thanks for reading.

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It could be quite a few things.

Do you take any drugs or medicines?

How much sleep are you getting?

How stressed are you?

How depressed are you?

How much of your life do you remember?

When was the first time you remember anything like this happening to you?

Has anything happened to you such as injuries, very stressful situations, etc?

Do you have any sense yourself what it is about?

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Early onset Alzheimer’s?

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I feel like that sometimes and I eat something to make it stop.

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I don’t have an answer to any of that. But I think I“d go see a neurologist.

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May I ask how old the OP is?

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I feel like that when walking to the grocery stores, or just walking to the washroom at night. Could be dementia? I’m getting tested.
Also could be astral traveling.

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