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Why do you call chicken burgers "sandwiches"?

Asked by ragingloli (45301points) 2 weeks ago

To pretend that they are “healthier”?

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Also to pretend that we are getting an equivalent to a beef burger.

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Because a “burger” means “Hamburger”—which is a specific thing that is made with beef or scraps of meat, made together something like a meatball, on bread. The Tartars evidently started the practice. Chicken is out of the scope of what would qualify as a hamburger.

Then again, no one cares about all that. So why not.

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It’s a hand meal between bread pieces.

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A chicken burger is different from a chicken sandwich. A chicken burger is made from ground chicken meat. A chicken sandwich is made from a piece of chicken meat, such as a half breast, or meat from the thigh, but not ground.

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Would , then,a turkey burger be “processed” chicken such as the breaded chicken patties, or would it be more like a turkey burger which is more similar to a regular beef hamburger?

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@Yellowdog Either. One can buy “processed” frozen turkey patties, or you can do what I do, make mine out of ground turkey breast.

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I have no idea what a chicken burger might be. I love chicken sandwiches though.

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It depends on if the sandwich is made with bread slices or the burger was made with a hamburger bun.

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