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How would a treaty benefit the Taliban?

Asked by LostInParadise (26114points) 1 week ago

According to the news, the U.S. and Taliban are close to an agreement. The U.S. pulls out some (all?) of its troops and the Taliban stops killing people.

If the Taliban stops its attacks, wouldn’t that be the end of them?

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It’s the current administration’s way of saying look at me, I’m doing great things!!!

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The more important question: Why would we believe that the Taliban would keep to the agreement?

Terrorist organizations have not been particularly trustworthy in the past.

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Maybe for the same reasons the Taliban would believe that trump would keep his agreement. Both sides are liars so both sides are have their fingers crossed!

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Well, the Taliban go quiet for a few months, the enemy leaves, and then they can start killing people again, because good luck trying to get your troops back in after that fuckup.

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I’ve never heard this on any of the conservative news pundits.. In any case, making a deal with the Taliban is totally opposite the typical administrative style of the POTUS, who is pro-Israel and anti-Islamic Extremist, Obama tried appeasing terrorists, and look where it got us.

The Trump administration has virtually wiped out ISIS and there is no reason to believe he would treat Hamas or the Taliban any differently.

Seriously, do you believe Trump would appease the enemies of Israel?

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It would allow the Taliban to say they have won and give them an opportunity to consolidate power in the areas they hold.

PS Your question gives the impression that it is only the Taliban who are killing people. In fact in the first six months of 2019 more Afghan civilians died in American air strikes than were killed by the insurgents.

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~So trump can use Tactical Nukes and tell the world how important he is. JK

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@Yellowdog , Do you trust news from Reuters?

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Of course not. The Taliban and its success are so clearly ,the result of our inexcusable blunder in invading Iraq, that OUR grandchildren for generations must be compelled to pay the price. The vacuum left by the elimination of Sadam & Khadaffi means we will bleed money and casualties for generations to come. The only other plausible outcome is to not only abandon the region to the overall hegemony of Iran and probably Russia but face the near certain prospect of our forced financial participation in enabling both our adversaries in applying the boot to the Taliban neck. Doesn’t anyone recognize the similarities in our mass shootings and the reasons why the Taliban will be with us always?

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A treaty would allow the Taliban to apply for Foreign Aid.

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@Yellowdog ” you believe Trump would appease the enemies of Israel?

Except that the Administration is awfully cozy with Saudi Arabia, to the point of giving them nuclear technology.

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And with North Korea, which stands accused of supplying nuclear tech to Iran.

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Well today the Taliban killed five, injured fifty more, “as US Envoy says deal to leave country almost final.”

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And the Taliban is already proclaiming their victory.

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