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Is it right that I ask the collective before I even search it on Google?

Asked by xxporkxsodaxx (1391points) August 27th, 2008

I remember all the answers “Google it” and I just realized that I don’t use Google when I have a question.

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(shrugs) I’m new here. I do know that some people simply don’t know how to search Google properly, so for them it makes sense to ask here on Fluther. I’m going to pass the ball to someone who hasn’t been here for a mere 24 hours…

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I think it depends on the question. Some people get annoyed if you don’t put any effort into answering a very simple question. Other questions just can’t be answered by Google.

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Is it right that you don’t search it at all? Maybe. Can I make you start googling before you ask? No.

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I know that sometimes I can get an answer from google and still ask it on here because I know the answers will be better, more personal, and it’s also fun to hear what people have to say.

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you know it totally depends on the question.

If its an Apple or iPhone quesiton Google is probably the best bet.

If its an “Am i pregnant?” question please dont ask, we really have no idea whats going on inside your body.

If its an “What is your opinion on this film?” or “Do you consider the Bible the word of God” question please feel free to ask. Certain questions are asking for opinion or preferences and we like that here on Fluther.

Hopefully that helps.

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Depends on the nature of your question. When I’m looking for facts, I will google. When I’m looking for personal experience, POV or opinions – I ask fluther, I may or may not google, because this is where I want those opinions from.

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It’s annoying for facts. Acceptable for opinions.

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I don’t care if you know the answer, provided it’s an interesting question that a lot of people will be interested in.

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I dont google before i ask questions either. I just dont ask questions i know can be easily found on google.

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