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What kind of bicycle bell do I want?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10316points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

There is a specific kind I want. I want one that sort of jingles with the bumps in the road as I go. I seem to think this is something trolley cars have, but I heard it just today from a bike.

Maybe, most bike bells can do this if you loosen something, or remove something to let the hammer swing more freely.

Is there a specific kind that is designed for this?

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Can you be a bit more spécifique.

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You could attach jingle bells to your spokes somehow.
Note though that it might very well be that in your country bicycle bells may only be used to alarm other people that you are coming and want to overtake them.
You’ll be the center of attention, or, for some, a source of annoyance.

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Get some of those round sleigh bells and tie them under the seat, then get a regular bell for the handlebars.

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You want a cowbell. I didn’t thing there was a bicycle version but googling says different.

Timber Mountain Bike Bell – Passive bell offers alternative to traditional ding-ding-ding

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