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How happy will you be distributing 100 million dollars that was given to you with the condition that you spend all of it to help people except yourself?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23478points) 3 weeks ago from iPhone

In a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 ( extremely happy ) and 1 ( extremely sad )

And to whom will you give the money? You can give it to family or friends but they’re not allowed to buy anything for your benefit.

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9. It would make me very happy to be able to do that. Sad because I’d like some too.

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Something like: I do this for me. What I give them is monetary, but what it does for me is priceless. many many times.

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I love giving presents and seeing people’s reactions. I hope giving will include giving to animals too.

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I’d be totally happy – 10.

I wouldn’t give it all to one need. Spread it around:

some for scholarships to college
some for parks and recreation areas
some for adult education, especially for seniors
some for civil liberties groups
some for libraries and similar
some for stem cell research

Very little to traditional charities like Cancer Society, Heart Association, etc. They don’t accomplish much, they are an industry that is in business to survive.

Not one cent for religion.

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Believe it or not, this scenario is closer to reality than you think. In my country there is a TV show that invites two celebrities for each episode and the celebs will collaborate to play some sort of jackpot game and answer trivia questions. One celeb will drop a ball into this gigantic slot machine and wait for the ball to drop into a number which indicate the amount of money they can get or lose. The money in each game is ridiculously huge, and although I haven’t seen that yet, it could reach 100 millions if the players are lucky enough. And even the unluckiest of players could come back with at least one million in hand. The insane amount of money will definitely send people into the “why the rich gets richer” thinking, until you realize that the celebs don’t get to keep any of the money and they have to state privately which altruistic purpose the money will be used for before being chosen for the game.

I don’t know if this is real or just a marketing ploy to fool people into thinking the show has a better purpose than it really is, but it’s there to show that the idea of giving someone a large sum of money for charity isn’t so far-fetched at all.

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Help people?? Screw that! I’ll give all of it to animal shelters.

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A 10, absolutely.

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I’d use it to build the largest ever solid bronze nude sculpture of Trump, and give it a tiny penis. I’d locate it somewhere he would have to regularly see.

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I’d start a foundation to help deserving people all over the world. The money would be invested so the funds would multiply, and the money would replenish.

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They kinda did that already, during the election @gorillapaws.

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I would share it with several places around the world that has no medical facilities, housing, education,etc
There are many countries that do not have good drinking water..I would get a reservoir built to filter and enable the towns,cities to pipe in fresh drinking water, just as we have in our western world.
We in the western world are so lucky to live in a Continent that provides most of the amenities, medical care, education, food clothing etc Its time to get the rest of the world up to par or better.
Lets raise the standard of living .
That would be my idea of sharing and uplifting humanity.

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And what happens if I decide to spend all the money on myself?

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You name me in your will Darth.

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10, thats kind of my dream.

Theres a charity here called Lifehouse, Catholics, who help women in crisis, like unplanned pregnancy. They either get help adopting the baby out, or a GED, housing, etc…to get back on track.

We have Rare Breed which gets teens off the street.

Care to Learn, Brad Pitts brother helps run it.

Good Samaritan Boys Ranch, for troubled kids.

Just so many great places to donate here.

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Sounds like work to me.

Giving large amounts to people who can’t manage it is setting them up for misery.

I’d give the money to medical research, orphanages struggling schools and hospitals.

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