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What can be concluded from the different kinds of crying (unless they all sound the same) by babies?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 16th, 2019

Do some babies cry like they are being tortured or sound angry at whoever is taking care of them (even though there is no one doing any harm to them, etc.)? Or do they all sound the same? Did someone write an article about that?

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Everything from mood to personality to health to differences in vocal chords affect how a baby cries.

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@snowberry But a baby crying like they want to punch the person? How can that be explained? But a baby crying like someone is doing them physical harm. They sound like a screaming angry adult who is about to punch or worse.

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I think you can concluded that they all have lungs and they all have throats with larynxes.

After that they are all different.

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@flo Yes. I had one like that, and he often was often cried like that. PM me if you like for details

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Of course there is different types of crying.
Crying first thin in the morning…hungry….feed me.
Crying after eating..I need to burp..I have gas.
Crying out of fear such as an unknown noise ..startled .( ex: someone who drops a pot or outside construction..anything out of the ordinary.
Crying slightly when the mother is out of sight for a moment going into the other room for example and they stop after she returns..fear of abandonment unless occupied with a sibling or toy etc
If cold they cry briefly until soothed by warmth.
That is there only way to communicate and its up the the parent to distinguish the differences from needs or pain ( like a safety pin etc)
I would like to add that no not all babies sound the same, depends on there sensitivities.Each is different ,if one ever spent time in a Hospital nursery one would hear the different cries.

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I cry when the air conditioner sounds like the bleeding ghost lady in the mirror is singing in the walls.

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Each cry means something different. I don’t have children and I could tell the difference between some of the cries even before I saw this interview. Here’s the link.

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But crying like what corresponds to an adult yelling angry at another person, you did this horrid thing to me on purpose, and if I could I would punch you out.”

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@flo babies aren’t wired like that. Those thoughts are too complex for them. Where do you get these ideas?

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I saw/heard 2 babies cry like that. And I agree with you, which is why I asked, how can it be since they can’t think.

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