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What are your thoughts on this racist radio show host?

Asked by KNOWITALL (21655points) 1 month ago

Details here for your convenience:

From the sound of it, racist radio host Bob Romanik is declaring defeat as the Federal Communications Commission advances its effort to revoke the license of the Belleville-based stations that carry his programming. Entertainment Media Trust, the official name of the broadcast licensee, has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and liquidation of assets.

Romanik has long tried to avoid on-air commentary about his deepening FCC troubles, refusing to engage when callers raise the subject. But since the bankruptcy filing on Wednesday, Romanik has declared verbal war on the FCC and various politicians, including Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who have urged action to shut him down. On Monday, he declared, “FCC, kiss my ass, … you scumbag, (expletive), rotten bastards.”

More than 15,000 complaints have been filed against him, Romanik acknowledged. Many if not most of those complaints regard his filthy on-air language, which during a typical daily broadcast can include upwards of 50 usages of the N-word along with constant racist, sexist and homophobic taunts. He leveled several on Monday against St. Louis and Missouri black politicians. An announcer states before each broadcast that Romanik’s stations represent “white awareness radio,” or WAR, while his Killer Klassic Kountry (KKK) nickname for station KQQZ-AM suggest he is openly trying to provoke a race war.

“I don’t know how much longer you’re going to hear me,” Romanik stated, citing a “full-court press” against him by the FCC. License revocation is so rare, it was last used about 25 years ago.

Much as Romanik’s detractors would like to see his racist language silenced, the FCC action is predicated on much more mundane legal principles. The FCC alleges in court documents that Entertainment Media Trust lied about the true nature of Romanik’s involvement in the ownership and control of the stations. Romanik asserts the government is out to curtail his First Amendment rights, but the real issue is that he is a two-time felon — which negates his eligibility to own and operate under an FCC license.

Substantial financial records submitted for review by a federal administrative law judge provide a convincing case that Romanik tried to hide his true role in the four stations licensed to Entertainment Media Trust.

Many of the financial documents subpoenaed by the FCC have been redacted from public view, but ample publicly available evidence exists to demonstrate that Romanik has repeatedly intermingled his personal finances and political activities with those of the radio stations.

It’s entirely possible that the bankruptcy filing is a flimsy ploy designed to convince the federal judge that the stations’ closure and liquidation of assets are imminent and, therefore, license revocation would be redundant. But revoking the license, rare and radical as such an action might be, is essential to send a clear message that wanton abuse of the public airwaves will not be tolerated.

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Is this a question?

It sounds to me, based on this reading, that Romanik went over the line, whatever that is. Repeatedly. So after all sorts of warnings, he’s going down. This can’t be seen as a surprise, if he had all sorts of warnings during the “full court press” phase that has been going on for some period of time.

So what are you asking? Is he being censored? No. Did he know what the FCC rules were? Obviously yes, and he broke them repeatedly. Am I sympathetic to him? Not in the least. A dog at least learns from being swatted. This guy doesn’t.

The way I read this, he’s an ass and a jerk, and now he is being punished for his stupidity. Sounds like justice to me.

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The airwaves are public. There is limited amount of bandwidth available.

The public can decide if they want to fill it with this kind of messaging or not. He certainly has the right to be a racist scumbag and say awful things, but the public isn’t obligated to allocate him a scarce and precious common resource to do it either. Nobody is stopping him (nor should they) from making a podcast and distributing it himself.

That said, fuck that guy.

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I see it as a another example of the changing times and the general public no longer buying into that old racist mindset. To me, it illustrates progress.

This is close to Ferguson, MO, which helped create Senate Bill 5, and also exposed many racist cops racially profiling and targeting black people.

The day of Shock Jocks is about done, and good riddance.

My point in posting was to show some progress is being made-even here in flyover country, I apologize if you think it’s a waste of time to note positive changes like this.

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He is just a normal concerned citizen with legitimate grievances that is being victimised by the liberal elite.

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@KNOWITALL – your context (near Ferguson, progress being made) was very helpful. Your question didn’t have that context, so I was trying to understand why it was being asked.

Yes, it is a good sign for the racists crazies to be silenced.

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@elbanditoroso Point taken, though sometimes it’s nice to just see where the conversation flows, and which point of any subject interests people.

In Missouri, and I love it here, it’s been tolerated far too long, especially on the air waves or in politics. I don’t think we’re turning blue by any means, but this is good progress.

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I have mixed feelings on such subjects.
I think the guy is dog$_ _ _. Just because I have a low opinion though, does not make me think he should be banned.
I feel the same about blanking out the N word in certain movies and shows.
You can regulate behavior to some extent, but not beliefs. I think of countries where Christianity is outlawed, and the measures missionaries go to so people who want a Bible can get one in small pieces.
Sometimes cutting down the voice of an idiot triggers other idiots into actions of retaliation.
Also, hushing such carp has two opposing results.
Some people would rest easier. That is only partly good, because people need awareness, or become unaware victims.
What is the one thing all mass shootings have in common? Everybody says why? Was there a reason, however twisted?
People need to be aware of such twisted thinking just so they don’t become dangerously complacent.
The guy is an a$$401e, but shutting him down could end up bad.

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You look gorgeous in your avatar photo, and congrats on getting Letterman to delete his beard! ;-D

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@Brian1946 HAHA, thanks, I was showing a friend here a pic of me and the mayor. But that’s freakin hilarious, Letterman, haha!

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