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If I ask you to list me the nine eight planets in our solar system, which would be the first three from your list?

Asked by rebbel (29428points) 1 month ago

With which three would your list start?

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Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

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Nine. In my book, Pluto is a planet and always will be. Even if it’s not according to the astronomers.

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Mercury, Venus, Earth

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Mercury Venus Earth

(I am heliocentric, so I start from the Sun.)

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The inner 3.

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Mercury, Venus, and Earth, in that order, are the way everybody learns it.

If Pluto is considered a planet, so should a lot of nameless bodies and moons. But it can be listed for historic reasons as a planet.

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+1 for Mercury, Venus, Earth

I should add though that if the question was simply “name 3 planets” I probably would have a very different answer.

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Earth, Mars, Mercury.

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My Very Enthusiastic…
Mars Venus Earth…

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Earth, Jupiter, Saturn

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Mars & earth, because they spell ME, and I’m an egocentric with poor math skills. ;-)

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“My Very Enthusiastic…”

Mustard Jar, Mint Julip, Moose Juice….? ;-p

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John, Paul and George.

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