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Is hedonistic equilibrium a real thing?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15340points) 3 weeks ago

Where positive and negative experiences lose novelty over time.

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You have to define that term.

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@elbanditoroso That positive successes and accomplishment wear off over time. You always need more and more to keep the high.

Also the same for the opposite, for negative impacts on yourself.

Like winning big the lotto and plateauing after 6 months . Then being at the same level of happiness as before the win.

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Yes, but I’m not sure we define hedonism the same lol.

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I think it would be a goal, if not a reality.

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Usually referred to as hedonic treadmill, and very much true. (thorninmud directed me to this term many years ago.)

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Also, when a person imagines some desired thing, that imagination has a reality that’s different from the actual thing. The anticipation and fantasy, and the first few times a person experiences the real thing, will tend to be different from the actual experience of the thing.

And most things are best in moderation.

And many appetites have a limit, and can be spoiled by the experience of too much of that thing. Particularly with food.

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I think it’s true. I think it’s just psychological adaptation.

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Hedonistic equilibrium is a real thing, and I do not think has been adequately defined here.

@Zaku did answer it very well, though. Great Answer @Zaku

It means doing depraved things for pleasure. That they do not yield the expected result, so even more extreme things must be pursued.

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@Yellowdog Agreed. Thats why BDSM is a little intimidating, you dont really know how far they’ll really want to go, once you’re tied up.
Some of my girls have been teasing about dating now, telling stories lol. Guess its pretty mainstream now.

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