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Can you recommend me a disastrous disaster movie?

Asked by rebbel (29188points) 1 week ago

Preferably a bad B or C movie.
Bad scripts, bad acting, the works.
Would be nice to watch one that’s so bad that it makes us laugh.
Watching “San Andreas” right now; too ‘good’.
Saw “Volcano” yesterday; think “Volcano” bad.

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Try the remake of “The Poseidon Adventure.” Really cheesy.

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2012, and Independence Day Regurgitation, both by Roland Emmerich.

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Sharknado was funny.

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Snakes on a Plane.

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Mega Shark Versus Giant Octopus

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The 2017 movie Geostorm!

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On the Beach, When Worlds Collide.

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The Godzilla one that ends in Madison Square Garden. Really awful.

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^^^ That’s the 1996 or 1997 Godzilla, or GINO (Godzilla In Name Only).

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Laughing here!

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“Lederhosen Zombies..” AHAHAHAHA!!!!

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Watch it if you can. It’s horribly hilarious. Or is it hilariously horrible?

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Thanks, guys, you’ve given me a couple weekends worth of misery; much appreciated!

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Have you tried the 2004 flick Day After Tomorrow? I found it slow and boring. I had meant to recommend San Andreas but you seem to be enjoying that one. Anyway, what you got to lose? You will either enjoy it or laugh at it

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@SEKA San Andreas, plot-wise, what was predictable and sort of silly. But I thought the special effects were pretty good.

I think it’s important to mention Mars Attacks! as one of the worst movies ever.

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Never seen Mars Attacks

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@SEKA You must. It is so awful it is campy.

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2012 was also pretty bad

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Is Paris Texas a disaster movie?

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I’ll add Mars Attack to my list of must see movies (for whatever reason)

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Attack of the Killer Weed!

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Some movies are so bad, they are entertaining on that merit alone. Just like some really corny jokes are funny because they’re such groaners.

Others are bad and a waste of time.
So, we might want to differentiate.

There is a third category, movies that are just plain weird along with their camp. like The Visitor (1977) or Phantasm (1979).

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I gotta say Mars Attacks is a wonderful movie. It certainly doesn’t belong on a list of bad movies.

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