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What's the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word (a) mother?

Asked by rebbel (29190points) 1 week ago

As asked.

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…My Mom. Me. My daughters.

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ill equipped (my mom)

goddess (my wife)

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Steppenwolf, that awful villain from the Just Ice League film.

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(Expletive deleted.)

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Having worked in activities for school-age children, I usually think of a mother as the parent who confers with us and we talk to occasionally about a concern. I never think of my own mother unless “your” precedes the word “mother.”

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My late mother and the love that she had for others and humanity.
She was a gentle soul and helped others whenever she could.

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My mother, is the strongest, and most defining person, in my life. I talk to her almost daily. She represents the best in humanity, and her heart, and intellect, make me feel far inferior, to her.

I guess the word itself, “mother,” makes me feel like humanity is not a lost cause. The love of a mother, and the bond they have with their families, warms my cold heart.

They are the true champions, of our society. Tupac’s song, about his mother, shows that even an imperfect mother, is a thing to be treasured.

My mother worked a full time job, as a waitress, while carrying my big ass, and going full time to college (South Carolina,) to get her masters degree.

A female, carrying a child, is THE MOST IMPRESSIVE THING, I’VE EVER SEEN. They are our saviors, and are irreplaceable, in society.

Mother = love. Unconditional love. I would lose a part of myself, that I could never get back, if/when I lose her.

She loves me. No matter what stupid shit I’ve done. She tolerates me, and my father. And I credit her, for any/all compassion, that I have. She is literally an angel. I sat this, as an atheist. I don’t deserve her. And she she definitely doesn’t deserve to have to love me, and all of my faults. Just hearing her voice, can calm me, and make me fell loved. I can NEVER repay her, for what she has been for me. I feel like, I am surely a disappointment to her. But she always tries, to make me fell better about myself. She is an invaluable, irreplaceable, person. I don’t know what she did, to have to put up, with my father, and I, neither of us deserve her. One of my only goals in life, is to make her feel like I am a good man… Although, I probably fall short of that… But she’s always there. Always understanding. And always supportive of me…

In a way, “Mother ,”is humanity. Without them, we are lost. They are the single most important part of all of our lives…

Words, cannot express my gratitude for her.

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@Grimmy May be the sweetest post you ever wrote. See in some ways you are luckier than most. And maybe you’ll find someone like her to spend life with someday. :)

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Complicated, intense, difficult

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My wonderful mom whom I just spoke to on the phone earlier today and will be seeing next month :)

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@KNOWITALL . I meant every word.

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Mrs. Pence.

Then I laugh.

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@MrGrimm888 You made me cry and that is not an easy feat

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^I’m sorry, but my mother, is my everything.

Mother is the word of God, on the lips of children. I’m fortunate to have mine. She is in constantly declining health, and her dog died, a few weeks ago. Listening to her cry, makes me furious at life.

I don’t understand why she is tormented so, by life. She is a sheltered woman, who has nothing but love, in her heart.

If there is a God. I would fight him right now. I would try to kill him, for the pain and suffering, he has caused such a rare person. He knows where I live, I assume. So he can knock on my door anytime. He’s a fucking coward, who is clearly sadistic. I hope he’s listening. Bring it on, “God.” NOBODY, is allowed to hurt my Mom. Nobody…

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Be careful for what you ask. You might receive your wish

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Well. I’m awaiting his response. The challenge, has been offered. .. I wish he’d be man enough to accept….

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