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Is it possible to use formatting in Gmail's (or others') subject bar?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 23rd, 2019

If not, is there a reason why not?

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I don’t think so. because it is a text field for a standard email protocol that AFAIK only allows text characters, and is displayed by practically every email client as text (not layout) information.

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Yes, of course you can. Spammers do it all the time. BUT you can’t use your normal BOLD, Italic, etc. – you have to use HTML codes.

So you could make a subject line that says <bold>This is a test</bold> and you would get a bold subject line.

The trick is – would the receiving end handle it properly? That’s not gmail’s issue,

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Good to know. I’m glad I asked.

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@elbanditoroso What email programs actually process HTML tags in subject lines?

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@Zaku gmail, for one. check your spam folder

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@elbanditoroso I tested it with just </bold> it didn’t work. I tried it with This is a test</bold> When I went to Sent file it was in bold until I clicked on the email.

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…I didn’t italisize the This is a test </bold> by the way.

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1) HTML commands have a beginning and an end
<bold> turns it on, and </bold> turns it off. Note that they have angle brackets and one has a ’/’.

2) For HTML to be recognized, the receiving applications needs to be able to interpret HTML. Not all email handlers do.

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@elbanditoroso Actually I made an error the bold is normal in Inbox emails until they are clicked on.

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…By the way I sent it to myself (the same email address) Anyway thanks for the response.
Why is it a problem for Gmail to allow the subject bar to be not different fron the body re. formatting?

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