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Is this still true? Quotation: "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons."?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28299points) September 29th, 2019

Who said it?

Hillary Clinton, on July 28, 2016

Is it still true?

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Well, so far, ‘so good’.

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As truisms go, it seems relatively true to me.

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Still true. But of course lots of voters never understood what it meant.

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Very much so.

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You can safely omit the last three words.

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Yes. I hope they’re able to hide the launch codes from him. He might get it in his head to throw the mother of all temper tantrums because every body is so mean to him.

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Are we talking about the same guy who suggested we nuke a hurricane?

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*According to trump fans, he was just kidding. They just will not believe he is really stupid.

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I can just hear the convo now…“I can press MY button BEFORE you can press YOUR button!!!”

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I guess that statement then eliminates every Democratic candidate for POTUS since they ALL get baited by tweets.

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The current Tweeter in Chief does seem to be baited easily. Here is a searchable list of all the people, places, and things he has ranted about. The list only includes tweets since his candidacy and is about 4 months old so there are plenty of others out there.
The 598 People, Places, and Things Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter.

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@seawulf575 I don’t remember any other POTUS (Rep or Dem) in the history of our country ever ranting on Twitter like the current one. Obama’s final tweet on his way out was “It’s been the honor of my life to serve you. You made me a better leader and a better man.” We will NEVER hear those words from our current twit!!!

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Trump is his own worst enemy,especially when it comes to his tweets, half his crap would just blow over if he could leave twitter alone but sadly he can not.
And yet his loyal sheep still defend him till the end lets just hope that end is coming in2020, if not sooner.

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^^There’s only so much one can do to hide one’s true nature. The orange clown would drown in his own tears without an audience.

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@LadyMarissa Let’s be totally honest here: Twitter wasn’t even really available until 2007 and didn’t make it to mainstream for another couple years. So the only POTUS that could possibly have used it as much as Trump would be Obama. But over the past 10 years, social media has become more and more important in our efforts to communicate with one another. So it really isn’t a surprise that Trump tweets more than any other POTUS ever. Nice exaggeration, though.
On the flipside, I would agree that Trump uses Twitter way too much. It is one of the things I have always said I didn’t like about him.

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It isn’t how much he tweets, it’s what he tweets that make him a twat.

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” guess that statement then eliminates every Democratic candidate for POTUS since they ALL get baited by tweets.”

I had to exaggerate in order to respond to YOUR blind loyalty. Everybody gets baited every now & again; however, NONE rant in over 100 tweets in 2 days. When you lie, you have to tell another lie in order to cover up the last lie & so it goes. The problem comes when you’re too senile to remember your last lie!!!

As @mazingerz88 said “t isn’t how much he tweets, it’s what he tweets that make him a twat.” GA by the way!!!

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I think what you are missing is that Trump isn’t getting baited by tweets, he is baiting others by them. Most of Trumps tweets are not about other tweets, but are in response to something or someone’s actions or words.

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So John Legend being on a TV show baited the ding dong to attack his wife? I never heard your hero’s name mentioned until he tried to pick a fight

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@LadyMarissa all presidents have deslt with insults and being baited on what ever medium that was available at the time. All but trump had the maturity, intelligence and self control not to react.
The problem is that trump reacts to the baiting and taunting like a 3 year old having an out of control temper tantrum.
If a person can’t control their emotions can they be trusted with the nuclear launch codes? I think the answer is obvious.

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@Dutchess_lll The question was whether a person that could be baited by a tweet should be in charge. Not whether a person that could be baited should be in charge. And Trump is the one that baits and it is the Dems that are the ones that are baited by tweets.
Now I don’t like how much Trump tweets, nor do I like some of his baiting. But sticking with the question, I think my first answer was the best.

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@seawulf575 Thank you for admitting that not everything that comes out of trumps mouth is revered by his followers.

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“The question was whether a person that could be baited by a tweet should be in charge. Not whether a person that could be baited should be in charge.
What @seawulf575?

Yes. Trump calls people names on Twitter and generally acts like an asshole. Yes he baits others. But they ignore him because they aren’t 4th graders.

But he can BE baited. He reacts to being baited. He can’t ignore it. He starts screaming and calling names.

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But does he get baited by tweets? Not really. He gets baited by false accusations, he gets baited by bogus news stories, he gets baited by actions of others that he finds offensive. Pretty much like any of us, eh? The difference is that everything he says is news. But let’s face it…he started using Twitter for a reason. The MSM was/is extremely biased. They reported falsely on some and not at all on others. So to break through that wall of propaganda, he started going directly to the people. Personally I don’t do social media, so he never once reached me. The only thing I know of Trump’s tweets are what make it into various stories I read. But millions of others live on Twitter and Facebook and whatever. So he reaches many of them, even if they aren’t followers per se.
Face it…anyone can be baited. We are all human. Even Jesus supposedly lost his temper at the money lenders in the Temple. So you might want to check your hypocrisy before stepping too high up on the soapbox.

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ALL presidents get baited, whether it’s false accusations (Obama’s birth certificate is fake…he was born in Kenya), or insults (Michelle was called an ape in heels.)
They posted memes of Obama being lynched.
The DIFFERENCE is trump can’t handle it.

If you can’t handle then heat get out of the kitchen.

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I think Trump is handling the heat just fine. The fact that you don’t like how he is handling it shows how easily YOU can be baited.

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No. He’s not. He’s behaving like a toddler and it’s fucking embarassing.
England has a giant balloon made of trump in diapers in honor of his visit.

And how easily I can be baited has no bearing on this discussion. I’m not the president.

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And he accuses us of constantly dodging ,comparing you to Trump like you said your not the freaking president,just look at any news channel and he is ranting about some dumb thing against him.
BUT no let’s just compare you and I against him,that isn’t just a dodge it’s fucking stupid we are not public servants he on the other hand is.
He constantly ignores the fact that Pompeo lied,just keeps bring up Biden,Biden,Biden, should we start chanting lock him up?

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He reacts emotionally, not logically . Like his hero.

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No,NO remember he responds with facts and logic,at least in his mind and blows everything we post off as left wing propaganda,and if we say anything bad we are just all hate,when I said I never heard this hate label before Trump, he then told me it was started by the left,only problem is all I hear is it coming from the right.

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