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Does this sound like a famous person you might recognize?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) October 8th, 2019

(This is an old question I had to edit but still putting it out there just in case.)

My girlfriend and I met this girl and her mother on NJ transit and we REALLY suspect we have seen the girl somewhere before on screen, we just can’t remember where.

I wondered if there’s a chance anyone might know who this is based on my description of her?

We took the train early to NYC for Comic Con 2019 on Sunday. This was early in the morning sometime from 8:40 AM to 9:40 AM. We were dressed up. I was Crowley from Good Omens and my gf just decided to wear a kimono.

We sat down in one of those four-seated areas, and a blond girl and her blond mother sat in front of us.

We didn’t talk at first but ended up chatting near the end of the ride after the conductor asked them if they were going to Comic Con.

Her mother looked rather young and hip. She looked sliiightly mixed race but her daughter looked way more white. The mother had short hair and had one of those amusing accents that gave off this “I got some attitude” vibe. Not in a bad way – just kinda funny and aesthetically pleasing to hear. It sounds like she would be a good voice actress for a cartoon. Very long nails. Very blond hair.

The daughter was also very blond, kind of a roundish still somewhat baby-face, and she would be somewhere in her 20’s. I would say early 20’s. She said that she is a flight attendant for United Airlines. She also has a brother who dyes his hair often. When she and her mother first sat down and saw my Crowley cosplay (Crowley has red hair) they were wondering if that was really my normal appearance, because her brother would often dye his hair red.

They hailed from Las Vegas, and the mother hadn’t been to New York City in years. The daughter had never been to NYC before at all. They had just decided to take a spontaneous plane ride to NYC for the daughter to see it for the first time.

The mother asked our names. We said ours. They said theirs. . .but we can’t for the life of us remember clearly what they said because they were very uncommon names. The mother’s name was something like “Miko”? And we completely can’t remember the daughter’s name. It wasn’t anything common like Tracy or Abigail or Kristen or anything like that. This was also at the very end of the ride so ours minds were on getting ready to leave.

After we parted ways, I couldn’t shake off this feeling that I had seen the girl on TV or on YouTube or in a movie. My gf got the same exact vibe, so we scoured IMDB for possible movies and shows she was in. I keep thinking she was in some high school romance movie, or some kind of comedy.

Anyway. I just wanted to share wondering if any of these details about our conversation with her clicks with anyone. Maybe, if she is somewhat famous, a die-hard fan remembers something.

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You’re not quite sure what she said her name was and you’ve seen her somewhere on a screen.

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Suppose you had seen someone famous. So what?

You’ll never see them again.

and as @anniereborn said, what’s the question here?

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Sure it wasn’t @janbb ? She lives in Jersey.

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” It’s a vague story but I thought I’d share anyway in case it rings any bells at all with anybody.”
I think OP hopes that someone might recognize who it was based on the little info.

I say Sia.

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Yeah, so tl;dr version of this whole post:

just wondering if either the mother or daughter we met on the train sound familiar based on my descriptions of them. My girlfriend and I swear the daughter was on TV or a movie or possibly a notable YouTuber. Obviously if she was in a movie or TV she didn’t have a major role, but like a minor role or an extra.

They’re not from Jersey. They’re from Las Vegas.

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@zenvelo. If I were on the train with my mother it would be a miracle.

Sorry, scotty, they don’t ring a bell.

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Olivia Holt? Her mother is blond and looks fun. Live in Vegas. 23 years old and was a Disney star.

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Na, although close. Olivia Holt has way more of a baby-face than the girl we met. I also Googled her mom, and not at all the woman I saw with her. But Olivia Holt is a close one in appearance.

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