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What hidden messges have you found within cartoons?

Asked by willbrawn (6609points) August 28th, 2008 from iPhone

accepting anything from He-Man being gay, to hidden lines in The Lion King. What have you spotted?

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The Lion King is the most amazing movie EVER, Citizen Kane has nothing on The Lion King. However most cartoons are made for the soul purpose of entertainment. Light moral lessons can be intertwined into the story but surprising little “educational” lesson are found. Keep in mind cartoons cover a LARGE genre, and not all cartoons are made for children. Also adults are the ones making the cartoons so their is an appeal for an older audience (probably to keep the producers and animators sane, while making episode after episode of dragon tales)

My favorite cartoons include spongebob, ren and stimpy, and the “old” simpsons (1989–1996ish)

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I saw Daffy Duck in one cartoon stroking the side of a wolfs mouth. The wolf start moaning making sex noises. The wolfs jaws starting looking like pussy lips. It was weird and perverted.

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@rememberme you didn’t answer the question.

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