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Have you ever cried reading human interest stories in a newspaper?

Asked by mazingerz88 (23585points) 5 days ago

What was the story about? Was it something heroic somebody did or a tragedy befalling a family or an entire community?

When you read these happy or tragic events past or present in the lives of strangers local or foreign, do you take extra time to reflect on the minute details of their story? Do you do more research?

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I have.
I am presently watching a documentary on Florida’s Dozier School For Boys.I definitely reflect on their story & often do read more about it.
My heart breaks for those kids and their families.

I do think it is a good idea to read or watch good stories as well. There are some beautiful people in this world. :)

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Those poor kids.

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The first few minutes of a dolphin slaughter documentary was all I could take.
Watching sharks harvested for shark fin soup upset me.

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Black Fish enrages Rick.

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Yes, animal abuse stories always get me teary. I just read one today about a an airline damaging a cat cage under the cabin and the cat escaped at some point. They never found her. They assumed she climbed into a crevice of the plane and suffocated but they can’t find the body either. So awful.

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