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Can you help me find a word?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31790points) 1 month ago

I have been trying to remember a word for several days, and I feel like an idiot for not being able to.

What is the word to describe being careful with how much personal information one might reveal early on in a situation before knowing more facts?

Let me see if I can explain with an example. I knew a woman from a foreign country. She left and was replaced by another woman also from the same country. I was careful how I spoke about the first woman, until I knew whether the new woman had some kind of relationship with the first. What characteristic am I describing?

I feel like it starts with a “c”.

I’m completely blank and feeling silly.

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Cautious or guarded.

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@Hawaii_Jake Discretion or discreet?

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I would also go with “discreet”.

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Discretion is closest. I don’t know why I have it stuck in my head that it starts with a “c”.

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I (cough, cough) like @ucme ‘s answer.

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Haha @janbb that’s because it is clearly the absolute correct answer & as such, you are forgiven ;-}

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Well, I concur, @ucme is correct. It fits the definition, the example, and starts with the letter ‘C’ Several answers covered it but didn’t start with ‘C’

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Cagey but I like @ucme‘s answer

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Circumspect? Considered?

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The very word doesn’t have to start with the letter C and could just have that letter inside it. Or there was no letter C at all.

This happens to me too when trying to recall a person’s name. I would associate it with a letter only to find out later there was no such letter in the name.

Could the word the OP was asking be “tact”? Discreet would be my first guess too. Also how about “comport”? Conscientious?

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It doesn’t start with a “c”, but “prudent” is the first word that popped into my head. BTW, it’s a Cardinal virtue

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