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Another senseless shooting in Texas of an innocent person in their home shot by the police. How do the police stop this?

Asked by chyna (43770points) 1 month ago from iPhone

A white Fort Worth policeman was doing a welfare check on a black woman in her own home. He and another policeman (per their camera) quietly walked around her house with flashlights at around 2:30 in the morning. She was playing video games with her 8 year old nephew when they heard someone outside. She walked to the window and the cop screams hands up twice and then shoots and kills her. He never identifies himself as a policeman. How should these trigger happy cops be reigned in?

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Give the police in the US guns on the same basis they are given to police in the UK.

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Now they are saying that they found a gun in her house but the won’t say exactly where they found it. Too bad she didn’t se it to protect herself from the cops!!! The cop said that he felt his life was in danger, yet she was inside with NO weapon shown & he was outside with a partner. Back in the good old days, partners worked together to keep each other safe!!!

I don’t know what they do in the UK, but it seems to e working. Maybe @zenvelo has the right idea!!! I don’t know how, but maybe they need to be trained to NOT be afraid of their own shadow!!!

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Every time something like this happens, a randomly selected copper and his entire family gets disemboweled on live television.
That surely would motivate the rest to cleanse their own of the corruption festering within.

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Giving racist cops guns is like giving a big knife to a blind chimp & asking it to trim your nails.

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It was clearly the woman’s fault. She was black.

In parts of Texas, that’s all it takes.

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Equip police with non-lethal ordinances.

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They have non lethal ordinances. He chose not to use any of them.

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@Dutchess_III If the police can’t use weapons responsibly then they should be restricted to those police that do. Extra training in non-violent crisis intervention should be a requirement before giving a gun to a police officer. I’m sure their is some training so extra training over and beyond what exists now.

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CNN just announced that the officer who shot her is being charged with murder. That’s almost like putting the cart before the horse. Useless

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No. It’s a charge that carries prison time.

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^ If it was my sister, I’d rather have her still here with me rather than any possibility of him going to jail. He’s only been charged but not yet convicted

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My point is that 30 minutes ago someone was upset because he was allowed to resign instead of being fired. Someone had the impression that was all that was going to happen yo him….that he’d lose his job.
Now he’s being charged with murder. Just hang on and see what is next. Justice doesn’t happen in Twitter time.

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My point is that the family doesn’t feel like hanging on. They want their loved one back. She shouldn’t have been shot to begin with

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I agree. We all agree.

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How does anyone stop it? (It’s not just the police.) By learning the proper rules of gunplay and then living by them.

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If the police feel it is a dangerous situation, how hard is it for the police to get on a speaker and say, “this is the police, come out with your hands up.” Anything but this garbage where they are trigger happy. Good God. That poor woman and her family, and that poor man who called the police worried about the door being left open.

The police obviously need better training. I’m not sure it’s completely race to blame, but it does seem to be a factor. That one policewoman might have shot any man she thought was in her apartment. Same with this situation, black or white, if maybe the area of town is crime ridden. I don’t know if it is.

The ex-boyfriend of a friend of mine was a cop in the UK, and he never carried a gun.

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I think they are trained and conditioned in such a way that they are waaaay too quick to shoot. I also think we get some major assholes in a uniform and that the bar for entry into law enforcement is far too low. There are just too many people minding their own business getting shot or people getting shot in the back for it to be ok.

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I don’t understand why, if they were doing a wellness check, the cops were sneaking around the house instead of knocking on the door. The whole thing seemed to be a covert operation by the police. They even parked down the street instead of in front of the woman’s house. FOR A WELFARE CHECK! They have been watching too many cop shows.

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The very first report that I read said the front door was open and the cops went into the home looking around with their flashlight but saw nothing. That’s when they decided to check outside the house to see what they could find. That lead to seeing the woman in the window

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I completely agree with @ARE_you_kidding_me. This is a failure of training and of screening out bad applicants to the police academy. I also think that most police have the mentality of “better to be judged by 12 than carried out by 6.”

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Better to beg for forgiveness than ask permission!!!

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How can a bad apple of a man like this one be given a badge? Hope the police training system everywhere in the US improves!

There are lots of good cops out there doing their very critical jobs everyday. Just yesterday a 38 year old cop here was fatally shot in an encounter with bad people.

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IF any of us go for a job interview, we’re asked several psychological questions to determine IF we’re suited for the job. Surely there are some of the same type of questions for LEOs!!!

There are many well qualified people out there & there are MANY well qualified LEOs doing their job as it should e done!!! I saw a video this morning of SC officers going through their training. The man who owned the training center admitted that those being trained couldn’t feel the fear of a “real life” battle as they knew that they weren’t really going to be killed in training.

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But @chyna, just because it’s a welfare check doesn’t mean there is no danger. The door was left open. That suggests an intruder.
I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t think they’re paid very much to begin with. Low paying jobs often attract low quality people.

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And violent and intrinsically authoritarian jobs attract violent authoritarians.

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It sure can. People with a tiny bit of power that they abuse.

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Not sure the numbers but some cops leave their jobs via suicide. Our police need proper support and “policing.”

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@mazingerz88 That job also attracts martyr personalities, those who give selflessly and end up depressed and suicidal as a result of the cold realities of life. There are not that many people who can do such a job and either not become depressed or a complete asshole.

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Watch the video. The cop shot immediately. No time for the woman to even comprehend what was going on. How would you react if there was a light and sounds in your yard. You would get up and look out the window. The coward cop freaked out.

It is Texas. They love executing people there. Bump this guy up to the front of the line.

After-all y’all, doesn’t the death penalty deter others who might think about doing some murder? Maybe the other cops would learn to give it a few seconds before shooting if this guy got some amps, volts, watts, or whatever.

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Today the Chief of Police was claiming it wasn’t a welfare check. The neighbor that called said that her front door was open but nobody was home. When they went out, they were expecting to find a burglar inside the home. When reporters started asking the difficult Qs the Chief shut down the Q&A & left the area.

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I have zero patience when someone gets shot in their own home just minding their own business. There is no excuse for that.

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There are good cops out there doing good work every day, and getting killed. They know that when they take the job. It’s a terrible consequence but they know it’s a possibility. The lady who got shot in her house, standing in the window, didn’t deserve it and it wasn’t even warranted.

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…doesn’t the death penalty deter others who might think about doing some murder” Maybe it has @johnpowell.

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