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How do you feel about what is happening in Northern Syria?

Asked by Caravanfan (11331points) October 14th, 2019

(Question worded as broadly as I could to stimulate discussion)

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See my earlier question about Trump betraying Syria to help Putin.

This was a giveaway to Trump’s bromance.

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Sad and horrified. This was a humanitarian and a tactical disastrous act.

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@elbanditoroso I was trying to be less partisan.

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By far the more pressing feeling is one of utter helplessness, it has to be.

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(damn – I just gave you another GA @ucme !)

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(Hey, you can’t fool me @janbb you maxed out on me years ago baby)

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I wonder how much housing is left and not blown up?

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Stunned and horrified.

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It damages the world today, and damages chances for cooperation with our allies in the future.

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Avoiding news about it. Nothing I could do but be annoyed. Just read one headline saying something about US Green Berets feeling terrible about leaving.

I’m disgusted by trump. Nothing new there.

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@mazingerz88 I actually think it’s mandatory reading. People in Syria are dying because of our President’s decisions. The very least we can do is pay attention.

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I’ve been paying attention since 2016. Marched in almost all the rallies in DC. I might suffer a heart attack watching and reading the news about the Kurds. trump’s got blood on his hands. Imagine that, a reality TV show host, a failed casino business man, a hotelier…

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The attitude of many of the people I know who support U.S. troops leaving has been “Who cares? Let them kill each other.” I guess I can’t have that attitude. Leaving people to get slaughtered always seems wrong to me. At the same time I’m not convinced we had an end-game in mind by remaining there—Assad is going to win the Syrian Civil War; there hasn’t been much doubt of that for years. All that was left was for him to retake the Kurd-controlled north. So I guess now that the Kurds have sought the help of Assad, they will confront the Turks and Syria will likely return to its state before the Civil War started in 2011. What a waste of lives it all will have been.

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I try to block it out of my mind. It’s just horrifying. As much as I hate to have our troops go to war, we should be helping the Kurds. I think of them similar to the Israelis, as being serious allies to the US, to democracy, and to the western way of life. The Kurds should have their own country (as much as I am conflicted about a religious group or ethnicity having their own country).

It truly gives me a pit in my stomach that we have not come through for these people. It sickens me similar to when I think of FDR turning away a ship full of Jewish people or learning about Muslim countries taking over Christian churches and destroying 500 year old bibles and threatening the people who belong to he church.

I just can’t fathom that these things can happen. We will need the Kurds again, and why should they help us after this?

I’m in Nashville now and from what I understand there is a large Kurdish community here. I’m curious to know what is being said in the community here.

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@JLeslie wrote: “It sickens me similar to when I think of FDR turning away a ship full of Jewish people”

That’s exactly why when people start fawning over how great FDR was I get nauseous.

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As I’ve mentioned before, the world is full.of all sorts of atrocities. The US, really has no right to interfere with such issues. And we do a bad job of it, every time.

I don’t wish harm on the Kurds, but I would rather them, or another country help them. European countries, have more to lose, from the Syrian conflict. Let them deal with it, if they don’t want their countries overrun, by refugees.

Like I’ve also stated, the Kurds were taking advantage of the war, to form their own country. They weren’t helping the US. They were helping themselves. And we were helping them. The US may have played a role in helping create ISIS. That I can agree with. But ISIS, is just another radical Islamic faction. They pose little threat to the continental US. So. I see no reason to put US lives, at risk, for this conflict… Again, I know that’s cold, but is the US, supposed to get involved in every unjust conflict?

I was worried about the conflict getting the US involved in a war with Russia. America is not the world’s police. And we shouldn’t be putting our army, in harms way, for no gain.

It doesn’t make strategic sense.

I understand the situation, quite clearly. Assad, will indeed win back his country. Especially when Russia is backing him. It’s a mess. As it always seems to be in the ME. It’s not our fault, that they kill each other. And if you think Assad, would let the Kurds, set up a caliphate, in “his” country, you’re wrong. With Russian backing , there is a good chance that the Kurds will be stopped/obliterated. It doesn’t help that Turkey, is participating.

I regret numerous occasions, of US involvement in the region. I think we should admit that we helped fuck it all up, and get the hell out. Not a chivalrous tactic. Buy we’re in overy our heads, in almost every situation in the ME. We can’t fix all the problems, and it’s time to just get our guys home, and stop making things worse.

Yes. I’ve heard that we should just destroy the whole region. That’s within our power, but that isn’t going to do anything, but spread chaos. The civilian population in almost the entire region, has suffered because of us. It’s time to throw in the towel, and say “sorry, we tried.” And keep the lead out of our boys. We had some good intentions, but they all failed. All we have really done, is get thousands of people killed…

I’d like to see a complete withdrawal of ALL US forces, from the entire ME. And let them settle things. It won’t be what we want, but it will be the smartest thing we can do.

Regime change, and spreading democracy, will not work, in the ME. Those people are not something that US military might, can change. There are multiple ethnic differences, and other things that we can’t control there. It’s almost an alien place, to the US, and our interference, has done no good.

If they (the ME,) want to fight everything out, I say we let them. That’s their history. And nothing we can do, will change that. That sucks. But we have no right, to be there, or to be part of the chaotic environment.

We should sit back, and let whatever unfolds, happen.

REMEMBER. What the west thinks of the multiple scenarios, isn’t necessarily what those people want. It’s their mess. Let them do as they please…

We cannot stop the chaos, without being a part of it. The simple fact, is that the ME ,will be a battleground. Period. Let them sort it out….

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It’s a humanitarian disaster that shows America to be a heartless, untrustworthy ally with an incoherent foreign policy.

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Why is everyone speaking as though it is our responsibility?
Our military was there far too long. If they could not hold their own by now, then either they should fold, or become a new US state, number fifty one, or if you believe Obama, number fifty three.
I disagree that pulling troops from a Mideast conflict is equal to turning away a ship of Jews during the attempted genocide. They were people who recognized futility for them in staying, and were prepared to live as loyal American citizens.

I’m sorry for the hardships of people who are suffering, but there are others with more to gain who are doing nothing.

I am pissed at foreigners looking at news cameras shaming the president of our country as if he is supposed to take responsibility for them.

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I think the people who think we should move out may not realize that the Kurds have been helping us greatly in the fight against ISIS and they are the reason that ISIS has been contained. Or perhaps you don’t realize what the word ally means? Or betrayal? We weren’t just in it for their good; the world is more dangerous now.

And many Republicans in Congress have decried Trump’s unilateral action.

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What Trump did was unconscionable. We had a small number of troops that was preventing serious violence. Imposing toothless economic sanctions is just a cosmetic move. Trump has said that the violence is not his problem. The good news is that the latest polling shows an increase in the number of independent voters favoring impeachment.

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Stupid trump is now panicking flinging sanctions at Turkey left and right. And Pence thinks Americans are dumb enough to believe when he says trump didn’t give Erdogan the go signal to attack the Kurds.

Really sad when it’s an orange bozo clown calling the shots for America. Shouldn’t get more disgusting than this but hey, Republican voters sure know how to pick Presidents.

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Ugh. I 100% think that the U.S. needs to stop being the world police. We need to keep our nose and our military out of other countries. However, we shouldn’t just abandon our allies and leave countries where our military is keeping the peace or giving aid. There should have been a plan for pulling out of these countries. What Trump did is unconscionable. He has no integrity.

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Thank you all for the varied answers and respectful discussion. This is exactly what I had hoped would happen.

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Russia has now moved into Syria, saw that coming.

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Everything that Putin’s Puppet has successfully implemented has benefited Russia.

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Now Russia is moving in to fill that void, surprise, surprise.
Why can’t someone just relieve the man of his command? He’s fucking dangerous.

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^^Wondering what Uncle Sam would say after Russia and China attain an influential stranglehold on the rest of the world except the US.

Oops, my mistake. Russia already seems to have a strong influence on US Elections.

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Trump has negotiated a successful ceasefire in the region.

Economic sanctions were drawn up even as we withdrew, Trump saved out troops from the conflict and has negotiated a peace treaty.

I can’t imagine why you all are parroting the same garbage and cannot see the genius in this plan. Many of you are talking like actual enemies of America and spreading Russian propaganda. Quit embarrassing yourselves for once.

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God you’re so full of blind bullshit @Yellowdog. He did exactly what Putin told him to do. He’s a useless piece of shit. It’s long past time for him to be gone.

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Nope. They lied again. There is no cease fire Don’t you ever get tired of defending the idiot?

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^^ trump has no idea how stupid and idiotic he looks right now. He is producer, director and actor in his very own pathetic clown show at his WH studio.

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He has no idea how idiotic he looks all the time. That way of pursing his lips…he thinks it makes him look tough and decisive. In reality he looks like a spoiled little brat pouting

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@Yellowdog There was a successful ceasefire in the region. It broke down due to the incompetence of the president and 200,000 people had to flee their homes as a result. Not only that but he has strengthened the position of Assad and Russia and Iran who have their own interests in Syria and across the Middle East.

The ceasefire is only for five days and it seems Pence has allowed Turkey to get its own way by helping to withdraw Kurdish troops from northern Syria. It was a blunder that Pence had tro fly to Turkey to try to sort out as best he can.

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Turkey says there is no ceasefire. But what the hell does Turkey know

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Turkey does not call it a ceasefire:
“Asked about the Turkish government’s assertion that the agreement was not a ceasefire agreement, Jeffrey said “we use the word ceasefire, the Turks do not because it’s not in the agreement.”

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@Yellowdog It’s a surrender. Russians have taken over a US base. Your Trump has completely laid a big shit on the idea of American Exceptionalism. America is no longer great.

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OH-OH-OH Bozo the Clown (in the WH) let out Top Secret info about 50 (in think that’s the number) nuclear missiles in Turkey, but Putin already knew that from Bozo.

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