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What do you do with old wigs?

Asked by JenniferFox (6points) October 15th, 2019

Some of my wigs are getting tangling and shedding. I don’t know how to do with them. So, what do you do with your old wigs?

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Halloween props. Used them on a scare crow.
I transformed some plastic skulls I thought were boring into shrunken heads by cutting some locks frome an old wig.
You could make a couple of braids, tie them securely, cut them off, then affix them to your trunk in such a way that makes it appear someone is in there, or hang them from the behind side of your bumper.

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Would an old wig be sanitary to put on someone else’s head? Aren’t you asking for trouble putting someone else’s lice and DNA on your own head?

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Have you tried using a decent conditioner on them? I haven’t worn a wig in over 20 years, but that’s how I kept mine from tangling. Just every so often I washed and restyled them to help keep them looking more natural. Now if it’s a cheap Halloween wig, I’d throw it away and buy a new one. Wearing a ratty wig makes you look ratty, so buying a fresh wig will help to make you look better

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I have a bag of about 30 wigs of various colors, lengths, etc…that I keep nice and bagged for special events, Halloween, etc…. At this point they can be cut or styled as needed with no distress. Generally I just keep them brushed out and folded/twisted nicely a few times a year, and they look fine.
(Uploaded a profile of Halloween last year. I cut this long dark wig to fit my Snow White costume needs.)

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@elbanditoroso lice can’t live indefinitely. Only a few days without a host.
Worrying about DNA is just silly.

I’d use them for Halloween and give the rest to Goodwill.

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Amend that. I google. Lice can only live for 1 day without a host.

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Donate them to your local high school or other acting/stage group.

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I never imagined that wigs might wear out. Tangling and shredding? Can’t they just be brushed and styled like real hair? I guess you have to deal with split ends, and the fact that real hair is constantly renewing itself, but how durable is a wig? Is there some wear index like there is for tires when it comes to quality?

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They’re probably 50 years old @stanleybmanly.

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Wigs come in various types and quality. The ones made with real hair would be a big variety.
Also, how they are manufactured has a bit to do with how long they stay nice.
I like the idea @kritiper has. Some schools these days have high aspirations for their theater students, but mighty low budgets.

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I would wash it good and give it to kids to play with or the drama department of a school.

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