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Do you often wear your favorite color?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (30826points) 4 weeks ago

Do people instinctively favor colors that they personally look good in?

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I don’t know. Overalls are blue. And I don’t even look in the closet to grab whichever sweat shirt or hoodie comes to hand first. It pays to assume that I look bad in anything. It falls on the wife to cull my wardrobe of the holy rags and tatters. I was once quite the fop, and would elegantly clothe both me and the wife. She laments those bygone days now, and anytime we now attend an event which matters to her, she lays out my clothes in advance.

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@stanleybmanly – I think that is sweet. :)
I don’t do this for my hub but I do notice he looks good in his favorite color (blue)

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Ugh! Sweet again?

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For me it is more like avoiding the colors I don’t like (red, yellow unless it is a tie), and the ones I don’t look good in (green, as in forest green, and yellow).

Truth is, my favorite color is black which is arguably not a color at all. I have about 20 black T shirts of varying fade.

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I look great in blue, but blue has never been my favorite color. Green is my favorite color and I do look good in green (any shade of it—I have an olive green hoodie that I wear frequently; it’s one of my favorites). So I wear my favorite color a good amount. I wear what looks good on me and what’s easy to match with other clothing. I also like orange, but orange can be a bit of a challenge clothing-wise…

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White trousers? After Labor Day? Anywhere but the country club or perhaps on the yacht? Maybe croquet on the lawn at the estate?

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@Demosthenes -Orange is not one I wear.
@stanleybmanly – Trousers are not required for any of those activities.

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White trousers ARE decidedly “sweet”.

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Although it’s NOT my favorite color, I tend to wear red a lot because those closest to me tell me how much better I look when I wear it & those who don’t even know me tell me how pretty I look whenever I wear it. My personal preference is a black top with a brightly colored skirt or a black skirt with a brightly colored top.

I NEVER wear yellow because with my skin tone, I turn yellow when I do wear it!!!

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Not much. But my favorite color is purple.

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I don’t think I have a favorite color. I tend to be attracted to hues, rather than a specific color.

I look good in brown and blue. I don’t think I would call either my favorite color. It’s hard to find brown clothing right now, so I don’t even wear it that often lately. I do like looking at brown though, Brown leather, and brown in home d├ęcor. Not brown wood walls like paneling, I like walls to be very light.

I like decorating my house with green, but I don’t look good in green.

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Yes. I am hopeless. I’m not even going to guess what percent of my clothes are navy blue.

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If I had to choose one for everyone the buff might suit.

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Pretty much daily.

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Why would you have guessed blue? Or any color really? lol


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@Castle -Blue seems to be the most popular , so it was a shot in the dark. XD

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@Sagacious My dad wears navy about 70% of the time, other shades of blue 20% of the time. Lol. My mom is not quite as extreme, but not far behind.

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