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If you were elected POTUS, what would your platform be and how would you resolve that with those people that don't like it?

Asked by seawulf575 (11841points) October 20th, 2019

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Anti-corruption, actually for the people, and a healthy planet.

Probably something like a combination of Bernie Sanders (anti-corporate corruption, for the people) and Tulsi Gabbard (aggressive responses to corrupt BS, anti-endless war, tactically competent, also for the people), with a bit more emphasis on environmental issues, even abroad. I’d want to pressure Brazil to preserve the Amazon, pressure Japan and Norway to stop excessive whaling, give effective assistance to endangered wildlife poaching counter-measures in Africa, etc. I would call out all corruption and perverted excessive influences of big money in both major parties.

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@Zaku So what about the second part? How would you resolve these goals with those that think they are not the most important things in the world or that see them as counter-productive?

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Reintegrate with the UK as a vassal state, acknowledging the Queen as the one true sovereign.
Everyone who disagrees is filthy traitor scum and will be hanged.

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@seawulf575 Depends on who they are and why they feel that way. I’d employ the best communication experts I could find to understand the people who have serious disagreements that don’t amount to “it will reduce my megacorporations’ profit margins” or “but I took millions in corporate campaign donations”, and try to effectively hear the needs of the genuine people and do what I can to earnestly address those needs, and communicate the value of what I’d be trying to do to them as not needing to be a binary conflict of interest.

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The office of the POTUS, is definitely one, where you can’t please everyone.

I would want to prioritize health care for all, limited or no military involvement in foreign countries, make at least 2 years of college free, improve infrastructure, seriously invest in alternative energy, and cut military spending by a LOT…

I suppose I would just stick with those main issues, and not care if I got reelected. If I got reelected, I would continue with my agenda.
I would hire good advisors, and listen to them, as much as possible.

The people who don’t like my agenda? I would try to convince them that what I was doing, is what I think is best for the country, and the world. If they don’t like it , vote me out….

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