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Realistically, if "The Purge" was real, what crimes would people be actually committing en masse?

Asked by ragingloli (49447points) October 20th, 2019

For example, looting, shoplifting or submitting fraudulent tax returns.
What crimes would you be committing?

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I would be wearing sweet white pants after Labor Day.

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What’s a purge?

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Eating French fries, burgers and ice cream to my heart’s content.

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I’m sticking to the principle sourced in the ending of the first film…butchering the neighbours.

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Positive misprision of treason in the main, just another day really.

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Tbh, I’d probably be protecting my property and those I love with extreme prejudice.

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Stealing $150,000 pontoon boats and $250,000 campers.

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Ridding the streets of scumbags out committing murder and rape.

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I personally would not be cheating, stealing or in general acting like a complete shitbag.

I’d probably just sit back and roll a big fatty since it’s illegal and still taboo where I live. You can’t even get a decent job if you indulge but you can drink yourself into oblivion every night and that’s ok…

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It’s absurd. (Hey. Bring that fatty over here to my pontoon boat!)

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