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Was Trump scheduling the G-7 at his resort a clever diversionary tactic?

Asked by janbb (55404points) 1 month ago

It occurred to me that once again Trump changed the narrative. Mulvaney revealed the truth that the Ukraine aid was being deliberately withheld (and then backtracked.) Trump comes out with his G-7 host announcement which dominates the news cycle and distracts from the Mulvaney bombshell. Then he withdraws it as he perhaps knew he would have to.

Is it possible that Trump is more clever than many of us give him credit? P.S. I was just watching a documentary about his mentor and friend, Roy Cohn, one of the sleaziest and most brilliant power brokers in U.S. history.

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I can believe it,can I believe the stable genius thought of it,uh no.

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No, because the narrative has become additive as impeachable actions stack up.

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It can be anything with trump. Deviousness, stupidity, derangement.

At the end of the day, what really matters is an American President, whether a Dem or a Rep must not be allowed to get away with deadly corruption.

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I don’t see it in this case. The reaction was too negative and too embarrassing to the Trump brand for it to have been a clever plot.

I think this was a serious fuck-up on Donnie’s part. Nothing clever about it.

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If that was a ruse and Mulvaney didn’t quit over being a pawn it shows what a little bitch he is.

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Your news sources tried to spin Mulvaney’s original statement. He had to clarify what he said since the spin was going far from what he actually said. There was no quid pro quo. Nothing changed—Mulvaney didn’t ‘backtrack’ anything.

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… and the Trump apologist has come out of his hole.

@Yellowdog, have you been in a seance for the last week or two? The quid pro quo has been testified to by a number of people – including members of the administration, ambassadors, and personnel from several departments/

Now you’re trying to sell the falsehood that every one of them is lying?

Come on, it’s time that you realize that blind loyalty to a lie doesn’t give you much credibility.

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@Yellowdog Mulvaney said there was a quid pro quo. His “walking it back” was him saying “so what”.

That isn’t news spin, it was his statements to the press. Even Fox News reported it.

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Even when Fox ,FOX the news site you trust @Yellowdog is saying Mulvaney said it was quid pro quo then back peddled on it. and you say oh no he never said that..

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Now it turns out that Trump’s pledge to return the troops home is just another lie. The troops are being redeployed to Iraq and other parts of the Middle East. What a mess!

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@Yellowdog , Do you know something that Lindsay Graham doesn’t know?

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Your story is fake. Lindsay Graham has said there is no quid pro quo and speaks about the Ukraine conversation almost daily.

The transcript is widely available.

There has been no evidence outside of the transcript.

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You know, it turns my stomach to hear people parrot inane phrases that trump made up.
It is not “fake,” @Yellowdog. 30 seconds of actual research will pull up videos of what he said.

Of course, the caveat was that had to be ”...outside of the Eurkrane phone call.”

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@Yellowdog , The story is fake? Did Yahoo news fake the interview with Graham? Pretty impressive job! Provide a link to a credible news source. Geez! None so blind as those refuse to see (or as deaf as those who refuse to hear).

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Ohhhh. You’re quoting scripture to a Christian.

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