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Who here, like myself, has a soft spot for certain villains in movies?

Asked by ucme (48213points) 1 month ago

Which ones?
I like the Joker
Hannibal Lecter too
Trump is kinda cute :D

Asking for a fiend.

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Depends on the villian. But yes, I like clever ones.

For example Bruce Willis and Billy Bob Thornton in Bandits.

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Jack Palance in “Shane”. Sexy man, he was.
Jack Palance in “Batman”.

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Ralph Fiennes
Alan Rickman

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The original Mighty Morphing Power Rangers killed a monster that was just protecting its babies. Sorry for not having a link. Maybe some one knows what I am referring to? It was as a Megazord in the first year or so of the first or second season.

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Hey, I kinda dig @josie if only for being “that guy” who went there…woot…way to go man!

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Anakin Skywalker when his mother Shmi died. Dam the Sandpeople and slave owner Watto.

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Well, that is kind of intentional for those particular villains.

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Jackie Treehorn in ‘the Big Lebowski’.

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I have an affinity for a well crafted villain. And that is one more reason Trump is so disgusting. The man is a disgrace to the profession.

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George Sanders in Warner Brother’s 1952 version of “Ivanhoe.”

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Ooo err, a soft spot for certain villains, do you mean like Steven Fry in the movie Wilde?

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@kritiper I heartily agree. “Dog of a Saxon prepare for the death thou hast brought upon thee!” When Sanders as Boil-Guilbert snatches up the women to use as shields in their escape from the castle it’s over the top villainy from there on out!!

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A well written “bad guy,” can definitely make a book/movie better.

I LOVE the series “Vikings.” There seem to be no “good guys.”

IRL, there are often no pure “good guys.”

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Of course I do. Usually life has messed them up and they’ve ‘got hard’ to survive and thrive. Like Freeze, Venom, etc..

I liked Hannibal, too. :) Much swag.

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@KNOWITALL You got that right pet ;-}

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Negan is my favorite villain. Not so much lately but in the past.

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I have a hard spot for Sharon Stone’s villain in Basic Instinct.
Next to her, all those female vampires in Hammer horror films.

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Good call @Castle . Negan, is a very cool bad guy. You want to hate him, but it’s hard to. I hated the Governor. Negan, is just more interesting, and witty.

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@MrGrimm888 exactly man! Negan was a complete badass in his time and I certainly hope he will find that side again but this time for the good of the group. Well, to be honest I wouldn’t mind if things resorted back to the way it was with him being the bad guy. I love the show but it’s been on so long now that I’m ready for anything to happen.

And yes, the Governor sucked.

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