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Are you an "activist" of some sort?

Asked by Facade (22881points) January 21st, 2010

If yes, why?
How far does your activism go? Speaking up when someone is being misogynistic… Protesting in the streets?
Why is it anyone’s responsibility to stand up for what they believe is right?
If things or a person isn’t going to change, why say anything?
How do you “activists” feel about people who aren’t as active/aren’t active at all concerning their respective beliefs?

This question does not transparently represent my view of activists or activism.

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no. and I think people who are should unclench and enjoy life

Of course you know I am an activist – in this day and age we can’t afford not be activists for one or multiple causes. Generally speaking I am aware of many a discrimination and injustice, but I focus my activism on LGFT issues, feminist/gender issues, intersex issues and issues of homelessness, sex workers, etc. Over the years I have surrounded myself with people that are experts at underground and ‘legitimate’ activism and have participated in both legal and illegal means of protest. I feel that I am a part of many of the communities that I fight for but for others I feel that it is my duty because no one should face what they face. In terms of how I feel about others not being activists, well, that’s their decision but more often than not I think people could use a little activism in their life – so that when they’re the group discriminated against, the favor will be returned.

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no not at all, i kinda just go with the flow. lol

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I am an active activist for my people… Rromani Gypsies.

I am also an activist as much as I can be for the poor in America. The poor in America are often forgotten with few seeing that third world conditions are present right here and/or people saying that poverty is because of laziness only. Helping the poor in America just is not good press unlike helping with disasters in other nations. Hence, people flock to help out in other nations while Americans suffer and die right here.

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I wish I was. My excuse is the career path I chose. But I’m probably just being apathetic. If things were different, I would fight for our ever diminishing civil liberties and other injustices. I believe that while many people would like to, they do not out of fear. Fear of retribution and persecution. If I were to make a stand, my next stop would be the unemployment line guranteed.

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I am activeist regarding the off-leash dog park movement.

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I am an animal activist, if I see someone mistreating an animal of course I’m gonna say something to them. I’ve done it before, some just don’t respect my views of their abusing that they think is how the animal must be, “treated in order to learn”. If people don’t agree with me it’s fine, I mean, I’m not gonna change your views of something, I will just warn you.

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I’m an environmental activist and have run a couple campaigns regarding deforestation as well as a human rights campaign activists. Since I’m still in college most of my talks are in middle and high school classrooms in order to make the “upcoming” generations more aware.

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I have advocated for my Autistic Son his whole life . It has made a major difference in his life.
I help other Parents too . Only if they are genuine people .

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I think everyone is an activist to a certain extent. I mean everyone has an agenda. My activism has ranged over the years from standing in the streets protesting to simply putting my money where my values are (i.e. voting with my dollar). If you don’t stand up for your belief, no one else will. I think if you want to be in the streets protesting, great, if not, great. It is up to you. It is a personal choice. I won’t judge you either way.

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I’m a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and an unofficial protester of injustice and indifference. But the rest of the time, I’m a self-absorbed geek just like anybody else on the Internet :)

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Im an avid proponent of procrastination..

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Hell,no!I won’t do it!;)

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I Advocate for Autistic people and for research to find a real cure.
I Advocate against incompetent people who attempt to abuse Autistic people. I Advocate for ABA which is the only documented technique to teach Autistic Children.
I Advocate against the fascist who wish to stop Scientific research. Based on nonsense.

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I guess I would say I’m an advocate for kindness. If someone is being outright hateful or rude to a person in my presence, I’m going to speak up about it.

Also, I’m an advocate for legalizing marijuana, but I don’t go out marching about it or anything.

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@essieness I’ll go out marching if you do :)

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