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Do you ever order food from Schwans?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44140points) October 31st, 2019

Their food looks good, but is it really? Is the lasagna any good?

Have any stories about Schwans you want to share with us?

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I don’t know about their foods, but when I was a kid the couple next door got monthly deliveries of Schwann’s ice cream (mostly novelties). They were an older couple who’s children were already adults with children of their own, so they always got more then they themselves could eat. Pretty much any time I wanted I could go over and get an ice cream treat from them.

I know that doesn’t really answer the question.

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@Darth_Algar is right, that’s about the only thing they have that’s a specialty.

We tried a lot of the piroges and different things, but except the big veggie bags and ice cream were the only things we really ever liked. We stopped years ago because they can’t keep a driver apparently.

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For a few years I lived where the winters were brutal and I often ordered from Swanns. I found it fun and expensive, but yes, every single thing I bought from them was good. The ice cream was very good. One year I bought pies from them for Thanksgiving and they were very good. The entrees were very good. All quite expensive but it was worth it to limit driving on ice and snow during the the worst of days. That delivery guy in the Swanns truck never missed a delivery either.

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Yes I have, the food they have is good quality stuff, the worker’s there are considerate I use to get a call from them to let me know that they are in the area. Its been a while since I placed an order with them. They have all kinds of Breakfast, lunch, Dinners, Desserts…ect even something for those on special diets. The Blueberry Pies are wonderful!

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Neighbor down the street did for years. She stopped about a year ago. She told me that their quality had gone down, the portion size had been reduced, and the prices continued to go up.

What she does now is get prepared meals from Publix.

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I never have personally. My mom did when I was a kid, as my uncle used to work for them. I remember really liking their frozen Belgian waffles.

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