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What do you think about the double buns high on the head worn by girls and women?

Asked by JLeslie (65327points) November 10th, 2019 from iPhone

Sometimes it’s all hair up in the buns, sometimes it just some hair, and then the hair in back still hangs long.

When I see it I think it looks like animal ears. It’s hard for me to look at. I’m getting more used it.

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It’s Princess Leia in a heightened state of zanshin.
It might be cute on a little girl.

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I didn’t love it on Leía either, but at least hers were ear muffs no cat ears.

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I saw it the most when I was in Great Britain last year. I was told it was a Spice Girl thing and indeed, there was a Spice Girl reunion concert in Edinburgh with thousands of girls with double buns streaming to the stadium. It’s not a style I particularly like.

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I really don’t care for that look on women, it can look cute on children if done right but that’s about it.

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It’s a look but best not have dandruff, will resemble sesame seed buns.

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No accounting for taste. However double buns are better than these stupid-ass cat headbands :look

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I think they’re frivolously spicy.

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Did noone look at my picture of Cato??

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@lucillelucillelucille The hat doesn’t bother me. Just like ear muffs don’t bother me. If the knots or Pom poms were on top I do prefer a single.

@elbanditoroso I would wear that for Halloween with no problem.

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I think it looks dumb on anyone 30 or over.

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@Dutchess_III Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t. Apparently, either way they didn’t care :p

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I can’t believe no one would care about CATO BUNS!!!!

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^^ I think you’re flogging a dead horse, Dutch. Get over it.

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Chill @janbb. I was responding to @anniereborn.

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