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What little gifts did you love as a child?

Asked by longgone (19535points) November 10th, 2019

I remembered today that I used to have “diamonds”, little sparkly shapes to stick on my fingernails. I was generally more into climbing trees than dressing like a princess, but those stickers were very special to me! When I think of them now, I feel the excitement I felt back then.

What about you?

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I had a babysitter who gave me her empty pocket book. It was the coolest thing EVER!!

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Anything having to do with art- magic markers and the 64 box of crayons, especially.

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@lucillelucillelucille Those were my prized possession especially the 96 box with built in sharpener.

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I did love a new box of crayons too but also those little black and white Scottie and Westie magnets that you could play with. And Slinkies and Silly Putty.

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Silly Putty. It popped when you bit into it!

I loved those magnetic art things.

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Little suits for my Action Man doll. He could change from army camo fatigues to snow patrol to scuba diving badass.

Outfits came with weapon alternatives as well as cosmetic stuff like facial scars & tattoos.

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Being on a farm, I didn’t go for indoor things much. Someone gave me a set of pop beads, and I loved those very much.

For those too young to know, they were hollow point plastic beads, in bright colors. On one side was a hole, on the other side a knob to fit in a hole. You could take them apart and arrange the colors in any order, and make strands of any length.

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We used to do that with beer and pop tabs. We’d build curtains for our doorway by linking them together.

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It’s still being sold ! I’m going to buy it for my granddaughter.

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My grandma on my dads side was a Christmas nazi. She had multiple trees in her living room, one for each of her sons family. There were three.

All year she worked making custom drapes (curtains) and all that money would go into the most elaborate Christmases.

But grandma sewed these big red bags that resembled the bag Santa would carry, if he was real. And in the front of the bag it had a pocket for each day, Dec 1 – Dec 24 that had a mini candy cane in it. But each day we could pull out candy cane and grab a random gift from the bag. These were good gifts too, sets of Lego, Atari games, Barbies, Swiss army knives.

She died of lung cancer when I was 8. It was few months before Christmas. But yeah, her passing didn’t really resonate until instead of the big Christmas gala at her house we did the family Christmas dinner at Dairy Queen.

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I was always a girly girl. I loved the see through plastic/resin heels with the elastic strap to hold them on my little foot. They made me feel like a big girl

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We loved any gift, my sister and I. It didn’t matter what was inside nearly as much as just receiving a box wrapped in paper with a bow. As I got older I had preferences about clothes so gifts of clothes started being disappointing just a little, but I never got over the thrill of someone handing me a gift.

We got excited by the words “I bought a surprise” when mother came in from the grocery. It usually was a candy bar that got cut into four servings after dinner. But it was a surprise and special to us when we were little girls.

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I remember getting fake lipstick. It was just a stick of plastic with a red tip, but I thought it was pretty cool.

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