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Other than a pet, what creatures have you seen today?

Asked by ucme (48525points) 1 month ago

Frightened by a fish
Spooked by a spider
Goosed by a…err, goose

I guess what I’m after here is if anyone has had an encounter or maybe just a sighting of anything wild, even a cow will do.

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Squirrels, various types of birds, and a dead deer.

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A dead wasp on my balcony. It could have been there quite a while.

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Live- crows, cows, birds, horses
Dead-cat, deer

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@KNOWITALL Is that deer for the Tgiving table? ;)

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@Sagacious Todays was road kill. I have a wild turkey for Thanksgiving though, from spring. I tend not to share deer much, except jerky.

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A young deer ran across the main road as I was coming home. And….Squirrel!

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I saw the aftermath of at least one raccoon “drinking” my cat’s water: the container was tipped over and most of the water had spilled onto the porch.

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Squirrels. My backyard is packed with them.

Lots of dogs, cats, and rabbits, at my local animal shelter. I needed to stop by and donate a warm, winter coat and rain slicker, because Sadie had outgrown them both. Of course, while I was there, I had to say “hello” to every critter present.

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A seagull,squirrel and a house finch.

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Wild seen & identified today, in order:


Oh cows count? Cows too.

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I don’t go outside much, but I look at wildlife online. I have seen several neighborhood cats and a squirrel on my security camera. Every once in awhile, a wild turkey flock walks by. Oh, I saw ducklings this morning at my son’s apartment.

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Many damned dirty apes.

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It’s snowing right now, so everyone is hunkered down. Earlier this morning I saw a black squirrel.

If I had gone to work today, it’s likely I would have seen some roadkill. Typically possum and raccoon, with the occasional deer.

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Magpies, robins and a Eurasian Jay in my backyard.

Goats, chickens, geese, horses, sheep, and a mouse on my walk. I also know that a deer was very close from my dog’s behaviour, but I didn’t see it.

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Colossal rats. I live in Chicago.. they are everywhere.

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@Back My nightmare, gross.

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Chicago was gangster country, not surprised It’s full of dirty rats.

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The was a mutant cricket-spider hanging around in the utility room all week. Then he found his way to the kitchen sink. I caught him and put him out side….apparently just in time for him to freeze to death.

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