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Generally speaking, where are you happiest...indoors or out?

Asked by ucme (48525points) 3 weeks ago

Yes I know it depends on a lot, not least the weather, but you get my drift I know you do.

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I am like a vampire, and it is always sunny outside.

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Definitely out.

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Indoors. I have more control over my environment in my apartment.

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Indoors and an introvert.

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Outside at the lake with my grandkids.

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Wherever I happen to be for the most part.

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Outside, in the city.

Too much indoors bums me out, but outdoors in nature freaks me out. I love cities.

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Both are better than in the ground.

I’ll take either one. Gladly.

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I’m an outside bloke, not at lumberjack levels or redneck, but you just can’t beat the fresh air in your lungs with stunning views to boot.

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Outside for sure, preferably a nice beach.

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Lots of beaches in Missouri there!

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Although I always enjoy the fresh air & sunshine when outside, I’m happiest while indoors!!! When indoors, it is ALWAYS 75 & sunny outside…even mid winter. Sometimes having to go outside is such a shock then my 75 & sunny is 20 & raining in the real world!!!

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Home and inside for me. where I feel the safety and comfort of my own home. However I love summer walks when it’s nice, and swimming too. But I am a homebody.

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I am an outdoor person.

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Since being cut down, I am housebound, and I fear outdoors.
It is a painful adjustment, because outdoors calls to me. I miss it so.

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I like being outdoors when conditions are perfect. A beautiful setting, pleasant weather, no rushing to work or anywhere, just hanging out on a bench, or a nature preserve or by the lake or something.

I also like being indoors when conditions are perfect. A comfy couch at the library or bookstore, or a coffee shop, or home resting on the bed when it’s not too nice outside.

So for me, in other words, it’s hard to say.

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