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Anybody know what pedel pushers are? I overhead a lady say she used to "WEAR" them...

Asked by SeekerSeekiing (961points) August 29th, 2008

Are they plant petals sown together? Gas petals? Now, that’d be uncomfortable…and why are the petals pushing? Pushing what? Are they weight loss for the calves devices? Any help would be appreciated. I have to know…

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I always thought Pedal pushers were people who made scams.

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From here “Pants that end mid-calf. Also known as capris, floods, clam diggers etc.”

it’s pedal pushers, not petal or pedel

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Well dang! Still what were they pushing?

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it’s named pedal pusher, because these pants were first worn by cyclists to avoid getting their pants stuck while biking.

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PnL beat me to the punch. Now how many of us actually remember capris being called that and knowing why, rather than having to Google it?

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Oh yeah, I got my pants wound in the spokes once and it threw me off into a lawn. Guess I should have been petalpushing…thanks

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@seeker – yep that’s the reason. and you mean you guess you should have been “wearing pedal pushers” :)

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@janbb – I’ll own up. I remember when they were called pedal pushers. I used to wear then when they were called that. and that’s all I’ll admit to!!

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Ohman, what other clothes have different names today? Are flared jeans really bell bottoms in disguise?

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I remember pedal pushers. If you didn’t wear them you had to have a thick rubber band to keep your pant leg wrapped close to your leg while you biked. Unless you were wearing bell bottoms you only had to have a rubber band for one leg.

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Low-rise jeans were called hip-huggers in “my day”; flared jeans were indeed bell-bottoms, and another word for pedal pushers, or capris, was clam diggers.

Oh those good old days of the 60s and 70s, when I weighed 115 and thought I was fat!

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@janbb: ...and when hip-huggers were wore by girls and women with some hips.

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I used to wear them also – no secret when. Long shorts were Bermuda shorts, short skirts were minis, long ones maxis, A-line dresses, Pillbox hats, wrap-around dresses and skirts, Cossack shirts.

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as an aside…I know a woman who loves it when pedal pushers are back in style so she can get pants without having to hem them. She’s that short.

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Bermuda shorts? Did you have Panama shorts too?

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Panama hats.

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Ok, Panama hats with Bermuda shorts??? and a Hawaiian shirt???

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Very chic (or “chick” as my Grandmother used to say).You need light skin, a peeling sunburn and a loud voice to complete the outfit.

Twenty years from now your kids will be hysterical over the butt/crack jeans and the untied sneakers.

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i see the words “bermuda shorts” and “hip-huggers” at the mall all the time. i don’t know what you guys are talking about “remembering” them.

also, i was under the impression that “pedal pushers” were slightly different from “capris” in that capris ended about 4 inches below your knee, while “pedal pushers” ended just about right at your knee. they were really popular about 5 years ago.

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wow… pedal pushers are capris. simple. am i the only 17 year old that still calls them that or something? i feel like a loser now.. haha

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You be your unique self at 17, generalspecific! Call um’ what cha want! No loser in you…

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haha thanks seeker :)

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I remember ‘pedal pushers’ being right below the knee also when I was a kid, many, many, many, moons ago. Not like the ‘capri’ pants now that they have.

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They’re capri pants

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a.k.a. Capri Pants

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I wore them back in the 60’s. As I recall, like @lollipop said, they were just below your knee. A bit shorter than capri’s.
I still wear Pedal pushers, you can find them in the stores now, they’re just not called that.

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