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Do you think Melania and the Don are still having sex?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43344points) November 25th, 2019

Obviously she sold out using sex. However, back then he was not quite so greasy and slobbing as he now. At this point it’s quite obvious that she is utterly disgusted with the man. Do you think she’s managed to find a way to refuse the ugly, obese, slobbering pig, without risking all that money?

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First off it was a business deal not a marriage, pre-nuptials are in place with amounts a of money and timing included in it. Same with his will for his estate !

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Kinda agree^^

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You think there’s no love involved?
Maybe they have passionate sex.
Maybe Melania is not so superficial that she’s only interested in the physique.
Maybe they have something that’s much deeper.
Maybe they’re into Tantra.

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Seriously, you spend time thinking on that?

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I thought of it as I was reading the question as to how the industry would change if prostitution was legal. I thought of the fact that Melania is basically prostituting herself. Obviously she is getting the benefit she wanted, and I wondered if she’s still holding up her end of the deal.

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I know it’s a business deal @Tropical_Willie. Always has been.

No, I don’t think there is any love involved @rebbel. Maybe in the beginning, but not now. I mean, read her body language. She can barely stand to be in the same room with him.

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With each other? No. Having an affair with others? Maybe.

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Doesn’t matter to me either way if they do. I have no idea nor do I venture to guess. It’s impossible to guess whether a couple has a good sex life or not.

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I just watched an old movie, where some english knights commandeer an alien space ship, an there are some scenes, where a dirty, greasy knight flirts with, and fingers a pug-faced dwarf alien.
Those scenes were far less disgusting than having to imagine drumpf raping melania.

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If they are, it probably takes all night for him to do what he used to do all night.

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I doubt it, but I have no proof.

She sticks with him because Barron is theirs together.

My guess is that Melania has a boyfriend and the Donnie brings in women to dance for him, but I doubt he can still get it up.

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The way she slaps away his hand when they are walking? No freaking way.

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I don’t think it has a thing to do with Barron and everything to do with keeping her current lifestyle @elbanditoroso. I’m very curious to see what happens after he’s done pretending to be a president.

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Depends on the terms of their prenup.

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